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Sending Reiki to a deceased loved one

This is a wonderful way to seek completion if a loved one has passed and you feel there is something unfinished between you. Unfinished business can feel very painful as it can leave you with a feeling of needing to say or do something for the person and your inability to do it now they have passed may weigh heavily on your mind.  Through sending you can connect with their essence and say or do whatever it is you need to get off your chest.  It can be a deep release as well as a sense of closing a chapter.

Sending directly to the person/loved one

To do so, simply write the person’s name on a piece of paper, draw the cho ku rei over the name to act as your third eye focal point and then send to them as if they were still alive.  The connection can be remarkably deep and feel extremely close, as if they are indeed still with you.  In this state of deep connection you can have conversations and have intuitions about the person, it is a form of mediumship and can be a lovely experience.

If your unfinished business is in the form of anger, the sending may help you to come to a deeper understanding of the situation or why the person behaved the way they did, try to stay open to their communication.

Sending to a deceased loved one to simply connect with them is another perfect reason to send Reiki, it can be deeply rewarding as well as a great way to lessen your own fear of dying.  This sending is not limited to people and can extend to any loved ones – including pets.

Harmonising the event of their passing

In some cases you may wish to send to harmonising the events leading up to or around their passing – especially if it was traumatic or you feel other people will benefit from more harmony around the event.  For example if they died in pain or in fear or if family members are taking the passing very badly – by sending to the harmonisation of the event you help not only yourself but also all people affected.  In this situation you would write a label ‘To the harmonisation of XYZ passing be it to the highest good of all involved/affected’ or words to that effect.

I personally always send to the ‘perfect harmonisation of the funeral of XYZ for all involved’ as a wonderful way of allowing all to experience the event as a harmonious, if not joyful, event.


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