"Wow" Stories with Reiki

Part of the Global Reiki Survey asked respondents for any "wow" stories they had experienced with Reiki. We got over 1,000 amazing stories, we have tried to fit as many in here as we can...enjoy!

A client who had known me for many years before Reiki, had a stroke and was told she needed a serious operation to assure she would not have another, death was predicted, if she didn't receive the operation. She called me and said, "I don't have a good feeling about this operation, I don't think I'll survive it. I'd rather let nature take its course; however, I'd like to add Reiki sessions to help nature along." She received three Reiki sessions a week for over a year (about 9 months after she was supposed to have died from complications). We dropped those to two a week for another year. Then to one a week for the rest of her life, which was about twenty years. Her blood pressure normalized, medications dropped by half in most cases, and she never had another stroke. Healing from the first stroke - she was a music professor at a local university when the stroke occurred - she decided to go back to school to get a degree in elementary school education and she worked for many years teaching music to children in public schools - with the use of one arm. She bought a specialized car so she could drive herself to school and back. She may not have "cured" physically (going back to where she had been before the stroke) but she "healed" magnificently in all areas of her life.

Penelope J, USA

I have had a distance healing session that I dedicated to my father and I could feel something filling the room that made me calm and relaxed and it helped me get through my fear of loosing a loved one.

Judit B, United Kingdom

The fact that I'm able to walk at all!!!!

Carl A, USA

I did Reiki on a sick cat of ours, Sherlock and that was over a year ago. Today she is 100% improved and getting better all the time. She is no longer emotionally distant either. She was close to dying.

Penny Phillips, USA

When I sensed stuck or thick energy in my friends heart and lung region and my friend felt fine. In the middle of the night was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia . Was very sick for a month. Amazed us both.

Mary H, USA

I sent Reiki to a friend’s dog after he ingested a large object. The initial diagnosis was bleak: surgery required but a low percentage of full recovery. After sending Reiki and helping the owner communicate with her pet prior to surgery, the dog not only made it through surgery but had a quick and full recovery. The vets were amazed. Later, when I met the dog in person for the first time he came over to me and rubbed his head and body into me as way of thanks.

Donna H, USA

My friend had a car accident and she was in coma, she had a broken leg and few other bones, a head injury, and few cuts. After 9 months, she could walk and live a pretty normal life. I, with a group of Reiki people, helped her all the time.

Dubravka K, Serbia

This is weird, but I think it was surrounding myself in Reiki through the last 2 years of cancer scares. As a nurse I know all that can go wrong/be wrong at my age and I normally would have been nervous, anxious, traumatized. My religious belief and Reiki practice together, put a blanket of calm and an assurance that I would be in good hands and through the process of care that all would be ok. It was. I always felt surrounded by healing, love and light and have been guided to the right Dr.’s and the right care plans.


A repeat wow! My brother suffered a major heart attack in Massachusetts, where the smallish hospital they took him to rejected him so that he had to go farther, to a bigger hospital. By the time he got there, he had no pulse and no breathing. It was a real crisis, but eventually they resuscitated him, with the sad comment to his wife that he would "probably be a vegetable for life." At that point she called me in Colorado, and I called my daughter in Seattle. The two of us started sending Reiki immediately—and the next morning he was up and walking and talking! The hospital staff had nicknamed him "Miracle Man." My brother had a PhD in esoteric levels of science, and had struggled conscientiously to believe in Reiki to please me, but without success. He couldn't make it jibe with his science. Now he found that he had an even harder time making it all fit—but a few years later when his daughter had some severe health problems he found himself asking me to send Reiki. And his daughter came through just fine, as did his hesitant belief in "Wows", outside his realm.

Nancy K, USA

I got a phone call one night sometime after 11:00, from a woman I did not know. She had awakened that morning with her vision blurred. As the day went on, it had become worse until by 10:00 she was almost totally blind. She had called her daughter, who was driving in from out of state to drive her to her Dr.'s office the next day. Her daughter gave her my number and told her to call me. How her daughter got my number I will never know. Anyway, we talked for a while and I explained Reiki to her and got her permission to use it on her. I told her about a woman with a broken arm, who the doctors had temporarily set her arm and told her to come back the next day to get it x-rayed again and put a cast on it. Two of us worked on her for about an hour. The next morning she came in to tell us that the new x-rays did not show a break. Her doctor was baffled, but because she had very little bruising and almost no swelling he told her to keep it immobile for a couple of days and call him if it began to cause her pain. She felt that the break had healed overnight. She did not have any further trouble with that arm. I told her about our work with a psychologist, who used us to help her connect with patients who could not open up. I told her about chemo patients, who found relief from side effects. And aids patients, and rape victims. Finally I told her to go to sleep and let Reiki do the rest. The next morning she called with the news that her vision had returned and she felt great. She agreed to go see her doctor anyway. For a while, she called occasionally to let me know she was doing fine until we moved to South America for five years. I have witnessed miracles as the result of my Reiki practice but this story is one of my favorites.

Donna, USA

Fully healing of ovarian cysts - Doctors were shocked by my clients change in situation.

Roop Singh Sagar, United Kingdom

I was quite wowed at how my thumb nail had recovered. I had slammed the car door on my thumb, which was extremely painful...without even thinking about it, I had covered my thumb into my other hand and immediately the healing began. After treatment, I didn't focus too much on it. About half of the top of my nail was black. A few days later my thumb was in pain and decided to prick a needle through the nail. I covered my thumb again sending Reiki. My new nail since then has grown back beautifully.

Jo, South Africa

Friend of mine was visiting Las Vegas and I got call that she had serious migraine. I gave distance Reiki from India and in few minutes she was fine and continued her journey.

Manish Joshi, India

My mother got type 2 diabetes at the age of 74. It was discovered accidently and was severe. She did not want to inject insulin and agreed with the doctor to use a certain type of medicine pill which is known and that is very good, but for many it's hard to find the right dose. She has Reiki and was able to treat herself and immediately it worked perfectly on her and in 8 years she is only using a half/quarter a pill per day and might be able to leave it in the future. Her blood sugar levels are perfect with this tiny dose, which is amazing considering the starting severe situation.

Minna H, Finland

Heart attack at age 30, doctors didn't find until my mid forties. 45% of heart was damaged yet I've been back country-skiing up mountains, scuba diving and still active with no parts in my body.

Tammy F, USA

The regression of my cancer is just amazing. I am receiving a monthly regimen of injections of a specific cancer treatment, now in the 5th year of that. But I firmly believe that the incredible news I received from my oncologist this past month after his review of the pet scan had everything to do with my involvement in Reiki now.


Early on in my Reiki life, I had a client who was receiving Reiki for the 1st time. I kept having my hands pulled to a certain spot on her leg, no matter where I went else where on her, my hands were physically being pulled to this spot. I advised her to see her doctor because it felt like something was wrong, a few days later she called me because she had a blood clot.

Brooke, USA

Reiki helped me in healing from cancer.

Alicia Z, Argentina

A friend was feeling awful and I gave her Reiki and by the morning she felt stupendous. Reiki is so wonderful!

Cherrie H, USA

I started using it on back pain from a military injury. I was receiving injections for pain and movement. My husband had rushed me to the ER for injections, CT scan and I was unable to move my arms or legs. I received urgent care, then released. My husband had to do everything for me. Which really makes a person feel helpless. I stumbled across Reiki. I had nothing to lose. I tried it! I was able to start walking. I conditioned myself to keep trying it. A week passed and I was able to use my arms. I stopped taking the meds as they were not working anyway. Within a month, I was walking without a walker. I practiced daily and the back pain has been gone, no meds, no more injections. Reiki is definitely my “wow” factor!!


Before taking Reiki 2, I allowed myself to be an emotionally abusive relationship. After learning Reiki 2 I began to work on myself and worked up the courage to end the abusive relationship and move forward with my life. I will be forever thankful to Reiki for that.

Jeff B, USA

I used Reiki to help get pregnant after 2 1/2 years of unexplained infertility. I gave myself treatments focused on strengthening my womb and making it receptive to pregnancy and life creation. My husband and I found out we were pregnant less than a year after my focused self-treatments. I also used Reiki to aide in pain relief during labor. I used the symbols as a way to center my focus away from any pain I was experiencing.

J. St Amand, USA

Self-Reiki and Reiki from my husband (also Reiki master) healed cancerous cells on the uterine cervix.

BS, Switzerland

A friend of mine was experiencing significant back pains and I only had my level one. I had no clue how to send Reiki nor did I hesitate to send and they told me that it was like golden energy and sparks around them. Their pain dissolved and, they were amazed that day about Reiki and my sharing the good energies.

Christina B, Canada

I had a client visit me who was in early stage of a bereavement. She had originally been given a gift certificate for reflexology. I felt strongly this was not what she needed. So gently I explained what I felt on that day and I was drawn to offer her Reiki. She accepted and during the treatment, I experienced deep empathy of her emotional pain. I asked for healing and love. After the treatment she asked what warm object had I placed on her heart area. I said no, I hadn’t placed an object. She explained she felt a deep warm pressure on her heart that Had made her feel calm and loved. She said it was the first time she experienced peace and relaxed since her husband had died some months earlier.

Karen L, United Kingdom

The positive Reiki experience days before a biopsy lead to an almost anxiety free state of mind while going through the procedure and waiting for the test results. Before Reiki, I suffered severe anxiety and had panic attacks. I haven't had anymore.

Marie Antoinette N, USA

Reiki has helped me heal layers and layers of old anger. It helped me healing from sexual abuse as a child. It helped me love and accept my body. The Reiki I gave helped lots of women heal from emotional wounds, anger, anxiety and fears. It helped kids heal from stuttering, night terror, hyperactivity, gaining self-confidence.

Mireille Hammal, Lebanon

Treated my friend's wife who had been hospitalized for at least two weeks with cancer treatment complications. She took a sudden turn for the better and actually went home for the first time in two plus weeks.

Robert F, USA

I offer Reiki to horses and the most significant experience I've had to date was with a horse named Remi, who was colicking. He was in a lot of discomfort, acting very out of character and visibly upset. I began offering him Reiki from outside of his stall until he calmed down so that I could safely enter. As soon as I entered, he pointed towards his stomach, and I concentrated the flow there. After a few minutes, he began moving around me and backed himself right into my hands. I understood this to mean that the area most impacted was in his rectum. He began licking and chewing and after several minutes more, I continued the flow and brought him out to walk (helps keep the juices in the gut flowing so they don't cramp and twist) until the vet came. Reiki helped Remi feel more comfortable and relaxed while we waited for the vet to come in and remove the blockages.