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Self-healing and self-attunement with Reiki

I am a researcher by nature – I try to follow the evidence. What I found over the past few years in my own online teaching was people were jumping ahead of the coursework before I had a chance to attune them, and they were reporting the same sensations and benefits I would expect from a fully attuned Reiki student. How was this possible? where they self-attuning?

This got me thinking, and I put recordings online to research and see if something is in fact happening. I have people reporting their experiences.

"I've been listening to the self-attunement almost every day... And my fingers could feel the flow so much stronger."

I never received a reiki attunement. This is my experience: The top of my head felt like one big funnel. Going through waves of energy it reached a certain calmness and silence. Just like filling a bottle with pressurised water until it is filled to the top. That was the moment when I felt a deep connection to the universe.

Wow. When I learned Reiki 1-3 (twice), during the attunements I never felt a thing. But from the one in this video I got lots of warmth, tingling and relaxation. Nice!

Oh so that’s what a self attunement is! I have been attuned several times but didn’t really get how to self attune. After listening I felt calmer and clearer. The landscape around me seemed brighter clearer and somewhat more radiant Thanks

Has Reiki gone Open Source? Is it now possible to Self-attune?

We all know that Covid has pushed us all into a different energetic space. Some would say that it all began well before, the shifting into the Aquarian age, and some would say lockdowns made us all rethink our priorities and made us more self-reflective. Whatever your belief, the past few years have changed most of us – making us more receptive, more tuned in, more inward focused.

Alongside this, Reiki has seen a huge explosion in popularity – it regularly appears in mainstream media, here in the UK it is quite common to see Reiki as a complementary therapy in hospices and Cancer care, even in some hospitals. In the US the same thing is happening with plenty of celebrities talking about it. This growth in popularity means there are many more students of Reiki, many more attunements.

There are online Reiki teachers with 100K+ students – the number of attunements in the energy field has grown significantly. This means the information (or energy imprint) of Reiki attunements is much more readily available – the “morphic resonance” has entered the mainstream consciousness.

All these factors mean the attunement is “known” in the field, and we are more receptive and able to access it ourselves. I explain it as “open source”.

Imagine! It opens Reiki up to being taught in many more ways – to allowing people to learn simply via books or audio/video without the need to find a teacher. It opens Reiki up like meditation, mindfulness, online resources and teachers reaching many hundreds of thousands of people. If we allow the growth and move with it, we will enable millions to benefit from Reiki and the growth with be exponential. The opportunities are incredible, and the impact may be exactly what we need right now.

It is crucial for us to be advocating self-empowerment. In the post-covid world we have been hit with many shocking revelations around power, control, money. The way Covid was handled, the fallout and aftermath –so much controversy and misinformation. It is crucial we think for ourselves, we take control of our own energy and we become more self-authorising. Reiki has always been evolving and shifting with the times – this seems to be the next logical step.

Once I broke my own barriers to the the self-attunement, it feels so natural and obvious now. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki) self-attuned, so of course we can too. Reiki is all about self-empowerment, about harmonising and balancing with the life force all around us. It is as natural as breathing, as walking in nature and feeling the inherent balance and harmony of our surroundings

In the video I guide people to relax, open to the energy, we use the crown as an opening place as that is what I am personally familiar with when doing an attunement, so it feels natural to me, but I don’t think it really matters if you want to breath in your own attunement through the nostrils into the heart centre, or through your hands. Simply open to universal source, ask for a Reiki attunement directly from Reiki itself – cut the middle man. I’ve had people email me and say its stronger than the attunement they received from their Reiki master – that makes sense – when we are conduits, we also filter energy – so if our energy is not that great, it makes sense we’ll “dumb down” the attunement. It’s a possibility. So when you go direct to source, you get as much as you need in that moment.

Once you realise you can self-attune, you can keep doing it and this will keep you aligned with the universal energy and help you grow even faster than simply Reiking yourself. This is what I discuss in detail in my book Reiki – A path to freedom. At the time when I wrote the book I was only talking to Reiki masters, little did I know that the book would actually be relevant to everyone!

We did an experiment, it was a blind test of the attunements – we were on zoom and split into pairs, we did distance attunements or no attunement – just intention, and then compared results. I have to say even I was shocked at the results – participants felt it both times, whether it was an actual attunement or an intentional attunement, it was 50/50 which they felt most strongly – but most importantly they felt it either way, the details are here:

We repeated the experiment at our last Reiki Master conference with very similar results. I recommend whenever you have an opportunity to experiment for yourself, have the courage to do so and then let the data inform you.

I would love to see is more teachers embracing the self-attunement and developing materials and self-help guides to reach mass audiences. Imagine how amazing it would be if anyone who wanted to have self-help Reiki, could. They could find an audio or video online and just listen to it for free and start their own Reiki healing. How incredible for the planet and for humanity if we were all that bit more self-aware and self-conscious. I would love to see that. If more of us would encourage our students to do it for themselves we could start a real self-empowerment movement – imagine the shift possible if we are teaching children and disempowered adults to self-heal.

It is our birthright to be connected with our source, we come from source. I’ll be the first to admit that this is a huge shift in my own thinking. But with my own journey with Reiki the more connected I feel, the more open Reiki has become, and the more obvious to me that it can be open for others too.


Thank you so much for this. I just found your website after listening to your talk on the Reiki Rays summit and I cannot express how grateful I am to hear someone speaking about reiki in a way I relate to. Best wishes and I look forward to learning more from you


Thank you Elaine for encouraging us to self attune. I took a Level One Reiki course from The Reiki Center in the Fall of 2021. 3 virtual attunments were included in the course. I also watched many of her videos and attended some of her rejuu s . I have benefitted greatly from the techniques I have learned. To me opening up to reiki is much like riding a bike...... once you learn to ride you never forget. It just comes naturally. I feel that relaxing and allowing the energy to flow through me is the best way to heal and renew .

Thank you for being so generous with your time and wisdom Elaine.

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