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The journey inwards.  An advanced Reiki book to guide you deeply into your inner truth.


This book is a dive into the spiritual aspects of Reiki as ‘universal life force’.  It is written for Reiki teachers and students who intuit that it is something much deeper than mere hands on healing: Reiki holds the key to understanding your true nature.


Mikao Usui was a spiritual pioneer, he called Reiki the secret path to happiness.  This secret path is an inner discovery we have to make for ourselves with the tools he so helpfully left us.  Travel with Elaine as she unlocks the tools and describes each stage of the journey with tips and insightful stories.


This is a return home through the beautiful process of your Reiki practice.   Bringing more mindfulness and intention, using your symbols more deliberately, and seeing the attunement process as a doorway to discover your freedom.  You may not have used your tools like this before, and it will open you up to entirely new depth and exciting self-discovery.

Reiki - A Path to Freedom