Coming from a different Reiki teacher or lineage?

Please see Elaine's pre-requisites below.

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The Reiki Levels Pre-requisites

Reiki Lineage


If you have learnt Reiki from any teacher I have trained personally you can proceed to the next level of your training with me without any additional pre-requisites.

Reiki 2 (Advanced)


If you took Reiki 1 from another Reiki teacher who has the same lineage (Usui-Hayashi-Takata) you may join my Reiki 2 class with a minimum of two months Reiki 1 practice. It is highly recommended you download and read my book Reiki, Pure and SImple.

If you have Reiki 1 from a different lineage ('Japanese' Reiki, Tummo, Karuna, Angelic etc) you must begin your journey with me from Reiki 1. Each lineage has different attunements and foundations even though they are all grouped under 'Reiki'.


Reiki 3

If you took Reiki 2 from another Reiki teacher who has the same lineage (Usui-Hayashi-Takata) you need to send me your certificate for verification.

You can then either enrol and complete my online Reiki 2 homestudy course, or attend a face to face Reiki 2 class with me - at least one month before the Reiki 3 class begins (I offer a 20% discount for repeat Reiki students).

Reiki 3 is the first step to Master training and my preference is that your symbols, attunements and theory is aligned to my lineage.

Reiki Master Teacher Training

You need to have completed Reiki 3 with myself or any teacher I have trained.