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Reiki is an energy therapy that works with the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities. It helps to restore balance on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Reiki connects us to our inner potential and helps us rediscover our authentic self.

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The Reiki Centre Focus:

Our focus is on teaching Reiki as a path to self-discovery.  Reiki has wonderful applications as a complementary health modality, and as a stress release, but also has the potential to open us fully to live a more authentic and meaningful life.

There appears to be a growing desire for many of us to become self-authorising. To live our lives freely, as we wish to, and not the way we have been told, or as others expect us to.  This can be a lonely and difficult endeavour as we strike out on our own individual paths.

We support you in your personal journey by encouraging the use of Reiki as a tool for peeling back the layers.  Reiki is a perfect spiritual path as it lends itself to inner reflection.

As Universal life force resonates with the life force within you, Reiki opens you up to the truth of your inner light and life purpose.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Japanese meaning Universal Life Force.  Its application is as varied as its name suggests.  It is simple and easy to learn.

When we look at nature, everything is interdependent and all is part of a bigger flow of energy. Plants grow from the earth, animals eat the plants for energy, all living things die and replenish the earth. Without one, the other cannot survive.


Surrounding these smaller cycles are bigger, more encompassing elements - the air we need to survive, gravity that holds everything together, the sun that feeds life.


As humans we often forget this connection, we do not consciously connect with the greater environment around us and so miss out on our ability to resource ourselves. We think we are separate, and as such our resources are limited.


Reiki is the act of aligning “tuning in” to the greater system of energy surrounding us and all material things. When we tap into this wider energetic system we can call on energy far greater than we can ever muster on our own. Reiki helps us to balance our body system and helps our body to operate at its optimal capacity.


What can Reiki do for me?

– Enables you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being

– Dramatically reduces stress and anxiety

– Increases energy and vitality

– Gives a sense of peace and calm

– Effectively treats a wide range of ailments and disease

– Provides a ‘first aid kit’ in the palm of your hands.


According to the Global Reiki Survey carried out in 2020, Reiki is overwhelmingly successful for increasing positive mental states:

– 92% of people noticed more peace after Reiki
– 84% noticed more happiness
– 85% experienced less stress

Remarkable considering the survey was carried out during COVID-19 lockdown, Reiki truly is an invaluable self-help tool.

Learning Reiki

Our Reiki workshops combine online lectures and videos with face to face sessions for the practicals, attunements and question time. Receive the best of both worlds - you can go back to the materials and videos for a refresher anytime.

Elaine Hamilton Grundy has been a Reiki teacher for over 25 years and has developed and hosts all the online courses. She also offers a comprehensive and completely online learning program for all Reiki levels if you are not in a country offering local face to face classes, or prefer to work at your own pace throughout. 

Check out the 2020 Survey - both online and face to face learning produce the same excellent results!

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