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The Reiki Centre was founded by Elaine Hamilton Grundy in 2007 to provide a focal point for Reiki teaching without dogma. Over the years we have developed an online resource and trained many Reiki teachers carrying on the same philosophy that Reiki is essentially a modality for self-healing and personal empowerment

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The Reiki Centre was founded by Elaine Hamilton Grundy in 2007 in Singapore. The Singapore Reiki Centre is now supported by several Reiki teachers running workshops and providing Reiki healing. Elaine now lives in the UK.

Elaine discovered Reiki 30 years ago and was delighted to have found such a powerful self-healing technique.  She became a Reiki Master in 1995 and juggled teaching Reiki with a busy corporate career.  She stepped away from her corporate career to set up The Reiki Centre and has since dedicated her work to teaching Reiki and advocating for high quality Reiki education free from dogma.

Elaine has trained thousands of Reiki students and over 80 Reiki Masters via her vigorous Teacher training program.

She is author of “Reiki, Pure and Simple” a down to earth and accessible introduction to Reiki, and shares many resources and articles on her blog and YouTube channel.  

Her latest book "Reiki - A Path to Freedom" outlines the spiritual aspect of Reiki that is often side-stepped or forgotten.  Reiki is essentially and originally a spiritual practice based on self-knowledge, as Usui (the founder of Reiki) put it, Reiki is "the secret method for gaining happiness".

Elaine provides comprehensive online Reiki classes, and face to face classes in Portsmouth. She travels to different locations in the UK to teach classes depending on numbers.


Elaine takes an active interest in supporting the evolution of Reiki.  She is a founding member of The Usui Reiki Association, Singapore (TURA), and has authored two global Reiki consumer research projects, the latest one published in 2020.


In the UK, Elaine is a member of the UK Reiki Federation and the Complementary Health Professionals. She is registered with the CNHC. This means her Reiki professional practice meets the quality standards required. CNHC's register is approved as an Accredited Register by the PSA, a body accountable to UK Parliament. ​Elaine has worked in a clinical setting with Garden House Hospice Care, Hertfordshire, providing Reiki to end of life patients and their carers.

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Full Member Complementary Health Professionals

Talks & Conferences

Reiki Rays, Reiki Online Summit Nov 2023

Speaker: The evolution of Reiki Attunements, the possibility of self-attuning


Center of Reiki Research, Annual Conference 2023

Presentation: The Role of Consumer Research in Establishing Reiki Efficacy. A Study on the Benefits of Reiki as Reported by Reiki Practitioners


New Zealand Reiki Inc. Annual Conference 2022
Keynote Speaker: Our Role as Reiki teachers in the new Dawn


Research Council for Complementary Therapy, UK Annual Conference 2022

Abstract Presentation: Could consumer research play a role in establishing efficacy in CAM? A study on the benefits of Reiki as reported by Reiki practitioners.


Hospice UK Annual Conference 2022

Abstract Poster: Future proofing Complementary Therapy, lessons from Covid.


The Authenticity Institute Coaching, Teleclass 2021

Guest speaker: Complementary Therapy in Coaching


The Usui Reiki Association Singapore, 2021

Guest Speaker: Reiki and Mindfulness

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