A fantastic foundation course for those interested in self-healing and personal empowerment.

Reiki 1 is the foundation course for activating the Reiki flow in your hands.  This course is ideal for anyone wanting to increase their vitality and energy and reduce stress.  Reiki is so easy to use that it is ideal for lay people who are not familiar with natural health and methods of healing as it provides an excellent foundation for exploring other types of modalities. 


This is a virtual class, there is a comprehensive manual provided for you to read before the video calls.  There are four video calls hosted by Elaine (each 90mins). Each call includes content revision, a Q & A session, a Reiki attunement is performed during the call to align you to the Reiki energy, a guided Reiki technique is practiced.

The virtual workshops have all the advantages and access to the manual and videos of the online class but the inclusion of the video calls allow students to have interaction with Elaine and other classmates.  In effect it is a hybrid of a face to face class and a fully online class.


Anyone can activate Reiki in their hands and after the course your Reiki is accessible to you for life.  The workshop itself is a great healing experience and a wonderful way to take your health to the next level!

Workshop Content

Four weekly Video Calls with Elaine (recorded for your future reference)

  • Introduction to Energy and Healing

  • Usui Reiki history and background

  • 4 Reiki Attunements

  • Balancing technique for the Chakra Energy system

  • Full body healing treatment

  • First aid treatment

  • Giving others a Reiki treatment

  • Giving Reiki to animals and plants

  • Intuitive Healing treatment

Includes comprehensive manual, access to online Reiki videos, ongoing email support, monthly virtual Reiki group.