Reiki Centre Levels of Training

Every Reiki Master teaches slightly differently and different lineages have different ways they structure their training.  Here is a summary of what is taught by Reiki Centre Teachers.

Reiki workshop Level 1:

Beginners level but also the full activation of Reiki in your hands.  Once you have completed this level you will be able to use Reiki to heal yourself and loved ones.  This level gives you Reiki for life and many people who are using Reiki for personal use and in and around the home for friends and family find this level both fulfilling and enough for their personal needs.  The training takes place over a 10-12 hour workshop when its done face to face, or over one month of part-time study when its done as a Home Study class.

Topics covered:

During the workshop 4 Reiki attunements are given to gently open your hands and energy system to the Reiki energy.  There attunements provide a permanent opening to Reiki and once the Reiki Level 1 workshop is complete you will have Reiki flowing through your hands whenever you want it for the rest of your life.

  1. Introduction to Energy, Reiki and Healing

  2. Introduction to Reiki Attunements

  3. Topical/ First aid Reiki healing

  4. Chakras and how they relate to Reiki

  5. Reiki History and Usui’s 5 principles

  6. Deeper healing and meditation with Reiki

  7. Treating others – tips and protocol

  8. Scanning treatment – intuitive Reiki treatment

  9. Miscellaneous treatments – plants, animals, crystals

Reiki workshop Level 2:

For those who have enjoyed and benefited from Level 1 and wish to deepen their connection with Reiki as well as activate the advanced tools.  These tools include sending Reiki to others over a distance as well as to events or issues in your life.  This workshop is a quantum leap from Level 1 and provides many new and exciting tools for the advanced practitioner.  The training takes place over a 10-12 hour workshop when its done face to face, or as part-time study when its done as a Home Study class. There is a two month gap between level 1 and 2.

Topics covered:

During the Level 2 Workshop, a se