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Getting off Autopilot

One of the most powerful realizations you can have is that you are on autopilot.

If you ever feel that the world is whirling around or on top of you; that people are bullying you; that you are hanging on for control for dear life; that people take advantage of you; that people irritate you and don’t seem to listen; that the world is full of people put here for the sole purpose of annoying you….then you are suffering from autopilotitis!

The world happens, you react. Someone speaks, you speak, and then you are already onto the next response before you have even heard their reply (especially true in disagreements).

This knee jerk reaction or speed of response should be so disturbing to us –yet it seems perfectly normal.  People talk, we react – what is the problem with that?  Nothing if it is considered, loving, authentic and real.  But most times, our exchanges with others – especially the heated ones – are based on totally unconscious drivel, fear-based, defense-based, justification-based – not an ounce of wisdom, love, or kindness.

What would happen if we waited a second.  They speak, we wait.  Ask ourselves, ‘how do I feel right now?’  The emotions are such an incredible barometer of authenticity.

You are being authentic when you feel calm, peaceful and loving. When you can look at someone with no feeling of time, pressure, or agenda.  They speak, and you feel a response coming from deep within you, something natural and true – coming from your torso region…not your head!  Your heart is engaged, not suppressed and tight.

You are on auto-pilot when you feel fear, anger, frustration, impatience.  So what’s going on?  Are you out of alignment?  Are they out of alignment?  Pause, and wait, don’t say anything until you are clear.  If you are not clear and they are jumping up and down for an answer, you simply say ‘I am not sure right now’, ‘I don’t know how to respond right now’ – tell the truth!

Keeping true to yourself means getting to know yourself all over again.  Many of us have been on autopilot for decades.  It is not an easy thing to create space, to wait for the truth or the alignment to flow.  It drives people crazy, its true – and it takes courage to follow your own truth and to be authentic, and to demand authenticity from yourself.

People when they try this approach often feel a lot of pressure in the beginning, especially from loved ones and colleagues who resent the long silences, hehe.  But be assured, once you get in touch with yourself again, and you feel your authenticity come flowing back, the auto-pilot goes away.  The pauses become shorter, and people quickly learn that your alignment is immovable, they stop trying to push or bully you and flow becomes a much easier process to stay in.

Any thoughts on this?  What have been your experiences?  Any cases where you think this kind of response simply won’t work?  Share with us in the comments below!


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