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Could Reiki be tripping my house electrics?

“I have something to share with you which is freaking me out. Out of the four times I have done self-reiki in this week , twice my house power ( electricity for fridge , iron etc ) tripped off from the main switch board . This has happened exactly after/ midway when I am doing reiki to myself . Of course I could switch on the mains again but just wanted to know is there a connection. I am a bit freaked out because I have been staying in the same place for nearly two years and it has never happened before.Also the timing being same as reiki time !”

Haha that is freaky! I know this sounds totally crazy, but worth a try, I would ‘introduce’ Reiki to your home – seriously! Sometimes when things change in a house the energies get a bit confused and things go wrong – in Feng Shui this concept is very common and the idea is to clear the space and allow the home to see it is not a threatening energy. Simply start at the front door, gassho (prayer pose) and introduce yourself to the space – your name, how long you have been living there, the fact you enjoy living there, gratitude to the house, and also now you have Reiki – it is a balancing harmonic and may feel strange but it is for the highest good, then go round the house with your hands running along the walls all the way round the perimeter of your home – anti-clockwise, until you come back to your front door. Giving thanks again, and you’re done!

Ok, you may want to do this when no-one is around, lol! I have to do this with any electrical appliances that enter the Centre or they break, I know, it sounds crazy…but give it a go and see if it works 😉

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