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Can Reiki Cure Me?

‘Can Reiki cure me?’ is a common question posed to Reiki Masters and practitioners, whether it is asking about Reiki’s ability to cure an ailment, disease, pain or injury, or asking about the validity of Reiki in replacing surgery or medical intervention.  It is extremely important to understand that Reiki is not a replacement for any kind of intervention advised by your doctor; instead, Reiki compliments medical practice.

Reiki works as an amazing balancing factor in the body, and as you continue with your self-treatment, you will most probably find yourself visiting the doctor less. When you are balanced, the body is much clearer in its signals, and you will find yourself much more aware of what your body needs – so it breaks down less and less.

Why do we get sick?  Every specialist will have their own theory on this.  If you talk to a nutritionist, they will tell you your diet is lacking some nutrient; if you chat to a chiropractor, they will tell you your spinal alignment is creating issues; your energy healer will tell you your Chakra’s are blocked; your Feng Shui Master will tell you the health quadrant in your home needs fixing; your doctor will give you the reason why biochemically things are malfunctioning, and so on.  Each one of them may be partially or fully correct, so how do you know what to do?

If you rely on outside ‘experts’ then of course you will be running around in circles.  How can any outside expert know your body better than you?  The sad fact is that most of us actually think this insane belief to be true – so we rush out and consult with all manner of ‘experts’ trying to find the reason for our illness, and trying to weigh up what to do – without ever consulting the real expert: ourselves.  For many of us, it is with good reason – because we have no clue how to consult with our inner wisdom. We are so out of balance, so external focused, so out of touch with our own bodies, that we have no idea what is going on inside. We live in our bodies but we have never ever been within. It is unbelievable that we spend every second of every day in our bodies, yet we are clueless about what is happening inside.

Get in touch with yourself, your body, your pulse again and all the doubts, the indecision, and the fear will disappear.  Get to know yourself, and you will know what to do – which medicine to take, when to get a second opinion, when to go to the Doctor, when to go to the Nutritionist, and when to simply go to bed with a good book.  It becomes easy, fearless, honest.  It doesn’t mean you never go to the Doctor again.   Doctors, Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Energy healers… are all tools to help you to heal, to help you to cure.  Use them, of course, but keep your inner power, your inner knowledge and never give that away to some outside ‘expert’.  Provide your own counsel, but make sure you know yourself first or your inner counsel will be flawed, filled with fear and erroneous beliefs – like you do not need the doctor or the surgery that he recommends you go for, you can heal yourself.  Sometimes you can, and sometimes you can’t.  Make sure you have the wisdom to tell the difference.

This wisdom comes with balance, and balance comes from inner awareness.  Reiki is one of many pathways to inner awareness, and may be one of the easiest.  It requires little effort, exercise, or change in lifestyle.  It works for anyone over time, and many practitioners have found it such an easy self-help tool that it has become their foundational tool.

When you do your self-treatments, you become calmer, more at peace and as the stress melts away, you become clearer. With clarity comes all kinds of information, wisdom and inner knowledge. It is sometimes as simple as getting still, and listening.  In this age of constant noise, getting still is quite a challenge, and that is why therapies like Reiki become so important.  Reiki cannot cure you of anything, only you can do that.  But Reiki can provide the quiet for you to be able to listen to yourself, and make the right decisions for your own health.  And yes, that may be as simple as – do your Reiki – and your body will do the rest.


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