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Your True Calling for the 2020s

Are you feeling like Covid has woken something deep within you? That this process has made you question, release, change and shift so much in your life that you feel at the same time totally different and yet much more authentic and real? Like you have woken into your true life purpose, but you’re not 100% clear what that is yet?

Many of us are awakening into our true calling and feeling a mixture of surety and lack of clarity. This is because what you have woken into is not a calling that you are used to understanding. It is not a calling into a life purpose to “be” something – a Doctor, and Lawyer, an Activist or Healer. It is a calling into the sacred vibration you hold – the awakened or 5D vibration of love, compassion, harmony, perfect balance.

You can hold this vibration and send it out into the world doing whatever it is you are currently doing, it requires no special skills, talent, or job title – this is the amazing evolution that is happening around the world right now. The 2020s is the rise of the vibrational being, the spiritual intelligence. This requires no PhD, no silver spoon, no race or gender advantage – we can all do it – this is the harmony and balance we all crave, it is right here and waiting for us to embrace and resonate.

In general humanity resonates at a very low vibrational frequency. Think of the interaction you have with your friends and family – perhaps some of them are high vibe, if you’re lucky many of them will be. But for the most part, our interactions tend to consist of subtle manipulations, controlling behaviour, projection, complaining, rehashing painful events, worrying about future events... Very few of our interactions are pure, compassionate, loving or in the present moment.

This low vibe soup is not going anywhere soon, but the pandemic opened a door into a higher vibe hangout – many call it the New Earth, New Timeline, or 5D. In the past it’s been the rather exclusive space of enlightened masters and gurus, but what is extraordinary about these times is that it has become available to all of us – or many more of us.

This calling you are feeling in your spirit is your own doorway opening and inviting you up. I say “up” because the vibration does feel lighter, brighter, more loving, more spacious and less dense. It can also feel more intense, more vibratory, and sometimes like you’ve plugged yourself into an electric socket! But that’s usually because you are still in resistance or trying to hold onto some lower vibe thought or pattern.

In reality the movement is not “up”, it is “in”. Into your heart, your intuitive mind, your gut instinct. The energy is all around you and when you drop your obsession with the low vibe thinking, it is right here, for you to see, to feel, to embrace, and to stay.

When you stay, you emit. The lightness, the compassion, the love you feel in this space then starts to flow through and out of you for others to see and feel. You become the lighthouse, and this is the deep calling I am referring to – to be the lighthouse of the harmonising and balancing awakening of humanity. This may seem dramatic but look around you, and inside you. Try it out for yourself – find the switch that you already know – you have probably prepared for this all your life, you have self-developed yourself to death. You have all the tools - all those crazy self-help tools, all those meditation and yoga classes you have taken – you know exactly how to shift your mood, how to raise your vibration to the level of harmony – and if you can’t do it yourself just yet, you know a guy, or a gal, who can help you. You have a community, you have a group, you are already prepared.

So now the tough part – be the change you want to see. Be that vibration, and be prepared to caste out anything in your life that keeps you tethered to the lower frequencies. If you don’t you will feel these frequencies more intensely, they will feel more difficult to deal with, you will feel more wrong when you are in them. Whatever it is pay attention – some foods you can no longer stomach, an urge to give up drinking or smoking, and resistance to being with certain people or friendship groups, even a need to change jobs, move out the house, move country – it’s going to start hitting you hard and fast – your calling card is now, the longer you resist or wait, the tougher it gets. Imagine the calling card is timestamped 21st Dec 2020 (because it is) and it’s going to get tougher every month you resist the changes called for.

Let go of the low vibrations completely, free yourself and start the personal work of consistency. In the beginning you will vacillate – high vibe/low vibe – feeling like you are on a roller coaster. Got it! Don’t got it. Got it! Don’t got it. This is totally normal – how long have you been in the low vibe, the wallowing around in the negativity, the gossip, the complaining, the victimhood. It’s going to take time to consistently shine that light. You’ve got all the time you need. And the more you see others around you doing it and succeeding to maintain higher and higher levels of consistency, the more encouraging it is for you. And the easier it is to find the groups, communities and friends that will align with you, speak your language, and gently remind you when you fall down.

This calling is switching on all over the globe, in all walks of life. Whether you are already a ‘spiritual’ person or not is irrelevant. You will see some friends suddenly switch on and shift and change their lives dramatically with no previous inclination to do so, and you will see others that have been preparing for decades for this. There is no order or process – simply the seeing of the door, the willingness to vibrate higher, and the discipline to keep it high no matter what is going on around them.

This is the only job you need to do – it’s simple (but not easy) – consistency, consistency. When you feel low, when you feel anxious or depressed – remember, “oops! Wrong vibration”, and up you go again. Don’t indulge, don’t wallow – just up and out, even if you have to do it 100 times a day – up and out, no need to stay.

There is nothing for you down there, it does not serve humanity for you to suffer or stay in it. What serves is for you to shine the light on a more liberated vibrational path. One that does not rely on anger or fear to get things done. The doing comes from inspired and loving action. This action will have a lot more impact, and the shift will come much faster. You may still be hazy on the action part, that is not the point right now, these are early days and the key right now is the vibration. Manifestation follows vibration. Energy first, then creative force, then manifestation. When we vibrate at a low frequency our creative force comes from anger, fear, desperation. When we vibrate at the high frequency it comes from love, harmony, balance. It is not difficult to see the world we could create if more of us where acting out of this latter frequency.

But focus on the frequency first – and once you have mastered the consistency of staying in this high vibe, in emitting out love, harmony, balance as a consistent light from your own being, then the creative force will begin its work. So for this year, and into 2022 just be the light, focus on what you are emitting, be dedicated and clear in what you are resonating out. Relieve yourself of old vibratory habits, patterns, relationships that do not serve this purpose. Do this, and you will be following your calling, you will feel the alignment, the trust in the unfolding, and the excitement for what comes next.

If this resonates, I run a wonderful high vibe community of fellow lighthouse keepers. Find out more here!

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I like the …Oops wrong vibration…..up and out….. I am feeling high energy high vibration then I slip back down. When I am down it is hard to motivate. I am thinking yes oops wrong vibe up and out…. Couple of deep breaths let go and bounce back up. I like the bounce back…, could be come effortless. Now if I can just remember it 🤔

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