Your True Calling for the 2020s

Are you feeling like Covid has woken something deep within you? That this process has made you question, release, change and shift so much in your life that you feel at the same time totally different and yet much more authentic and real? Like you have woken into your true life purpose, but you’re not 100% clear what that is yet?

Many of us are awakening into our true calling and feeling a mixture of surety and lack of clarity. This is because what you have woken into is not a calling that you are used to understanding. It is not a calling into a life purpose to “be” something – a Doctor, and Lawyer, an Activist or Healer. It is a calling into the sacred vibration you hold – the awakened or 5D vibration of love, compassion, harmony, perfect balance.

You can hold this vibration and send it out into the world doing whatever it is you are currently doing, it requires no special skills, talent, or job title – this is the amazing evolution that is happening around the world right now. The 2020s is the rise of the vibrational being, the spiritual intelligence. This requires no PhD, no silver spoon, no race or gender advantage – we can all do it – this is the harmony and balance we all crave, it is right here and waiting for us to embrace and resonate.

In general humanity resonates at a very low vibrational frequency. Think of the interaction you have with your friends and family – perhaps some of them are high vibe, if you’re lucky many of them will be. But for the most part, our interactions tend to consist of subtle manipulations, controlling behaviour, projection, complaining, rehashing painful events, worrying about future events... Very few of our interactions are pure, compassionate, loving or in the present moment.