Step into the Unknown

During these extraordinary times we are facing the unknown. We cannot plan, we have no idea what is around the corner, our egos are grasping at air, we are pouring over the news, social media, gossiping with friends trying to make sense of things and orientate ourselves.

In honesty, life is always like this. We really have very little control over our environment - we could be hit by a bus as we walk out our front door, we could loose a loved one suddenly, we could loose our job or home. The reality is, we are always facing the unknown - just not on such an epic scale.

When we navigate "normal" life we believe it has a certainty, there is a rhythm and predictability that yesterday will be similar to today which will be similar to tomorrow...and we extend that into the future and feel comfortable. But reality is transient, as we are now seeing. Tomorrow may not be like today, which is not like yesterday. Reality when experienced so viscerally is unnerving.

Life has turned up the volume and there is a huge opportunity for spiritual growth amidst all this uncertainty. We can no longer conveniently ignore reality and distract ourselves with illusions of future plans. Yet look at us grasp! I have never before seen the media, social and reported, blow up like this before. Conspiracy theories, fear and panic stories, economic black hole, the second coming, aliens, crystalline grid restructuring, Lemurian uprising, Big Brother, Mother Earth's revenge. LOL! Our poor egos don't know where to put themselves!

But is this helpful?