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Spirituality and Reiki

I was asked some very interesting questions around spirituality and Reiki recently, and they really helped to focus my thoughts around this topic. Often in our work we are perceived as very ‘woowoo’ and alternative, but actually what we do with Reiki is deeply integrated into our ability to fully live life, and to feel whole and connected.

Energy is impossible to define; even scientists don’t know what it is. In physics they define energy as a system’s ability to do work, and this is as good a definition as we need really. When I Reiki myself I have more capacity to work, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual work – I am increasing my capacity for life to flow through me.

A fully spiritual human is one who is flowing with life. A spiritual life is one where we have life flow through us. Life lives us as opposed to us trying to control life. The human spirit is life flow expressing itself in the most wonderful and awe inspiring ways.

It has nothing to do with religion or being ‘religious’.

To be spiritual is to be fully connected with our life force, that to me is exactly what Reiki does, it provides us with the life force energy to be fully human, fully expressed, fully ourselves. The enormous growth of Reiki shows people are craving for this kind of connection. We try to find it through distraction and busyness, trying to control life rather than work with it but when this doesn’t work we realize internal balance and inner peace is all that is needed. Then life flows unimpeded through us and we get moved into a deep flow with life which is both fulfilling and peaceful, we can get very busy and achievement orientated yet still retain our inner core


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