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Reiki Rule 8 – Don’t try to puzzle out why

I am tempted to just copy and paste Taggart’s entire article here, as all I could say while reading it was Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  So do take the time to read it all here!

Our minds (read Ego) will do anything to stay in charge, trying to figure it all out is one of the Ego’s favourite pastimes.  Staying in the ‘don’t know’ is the hardest thing for Ego to do.  So don’t be surprised by the activity in your thinking when you do your self-treatments, or when you give Reiki to others – what is that colour I see?  what does it mean?  what is that sensation, is it my imagination?  It’s over the liver, what does that mean?  Is it my inner anger?  What am I angry about? And so on and so forth, hehe, reads like a comedy but too close to the truth?

Maybe the colour does have a meaning – there are colours associated with the chakras for example – and maybe the energy was focusing on a particular chakra when you saw that colour. But because Reiki works on so many levels, because it deals with physical things, mental states, emotions, spiritual aspects, because it deals with historical problems that are still present in some way in our energy body, and it deals with things that are ‘on the boil’ and haven’t manifested yet… we have no real idea of what it’s doing other than to be safe in the knowledge that the energy is giving us or the recipient what we need. So stop trying to puzzle things out: it will make no difference to your experience of the energy or the effectiveness of your Reiki. Get your head out of the equation and just let the energy do what it needs to do, without all that frantic mental activity! Taggart

I have to admit, when I was a Reiki ‘newbie’ I spent far too much time following these thoughts, and sometimes they helped, most often they didn’t.  What really helped me was those ‘ahha’ moments – and those do not come from ‘figuring things out’.  In fact ‘ahha’ moments never come from the thinking mind!  Those bursts of insight or releases always come from a place deep within you, your intuitive centre, or the place of no-thought.  Ironically they come when you stop trying to puzzle it out, when you stop asking ‘why’.  Percolation of wisdom can only happen when you let things percolate…duh!  Not when you are shaking yourself and turning yourself inside out and peering and prodding and shouting, all tight and plugged up…”WHY WHY??!!” hehehe

Secondly, the dangers of diagnosis, good grief, I could write a few articles on this.  For Level 2 members you may want to read  Reiki and diagnosis do not always go together, and are not meant to do so – especially if it ends up over-zealous (or inaccurate!)

Worse still is the urge to try and come up with our own theories about what we are feeling. Some people start to think in terms of blockages or negative energy or, worse still, ‘dark energy’. Those are not helpful terms to use when talking to a Reiki client, who came in looking forward to a lovely blissful session and come out with a belief that they are harbouring a blockage or dark energy. We don’t need to introduce such ideas into our Reiki because they’re not helpful to us or the people that we work on. Taggart

Finally Taggart talks about the puzzling out of sensations you are feeling yourself – or are you?  Is it my imagination?  lol!  If I could have a penny for everyone who tells me they think they are just imagining it all….

Did I really feel that sensation, was I making it up, is it all in my head, did I only feel something because I wanted to? Well, either you feel something or you don’t. If you feel something you can trust that you felt it; you can’t make yourself feel something. If it was possible to fool yourself into feeling Reiki sensations then everyone would feel something and there would be no-one who was concerned that they don’t feel anything when doing Reiki… they would all have magicked sensations into existence, wouldn’t they? Taggart

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Trust what you are feeling, but don’t try to figure it all out.  Please understand, if you could figure it all out; you wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place!  Hehehe.  Trust, allow, enjoy and observe the wonderful benefits of Reiki.  Let your own innate wisdom take care of the rest, and let your frantic, busy and over-tight mind take a break.

What has been your experience of letting go?  Have you had the experience of an ‘ahha’ moment when you least expect it?  Tell us about it!  Share in the comments below!


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