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Reiki Rule 2 – Base your Practice on the Precepts

Usui’s five precepts are well known to us all, but how many of us really embody or honour these precepts in our everyday life?  Rule two looks at the Precepts and how to bring them more deliberately into our lives:

Just for today:

  1. do not anger,

  2. do not worry,

  3. be humble, live in gratitude,

  4. be honest in your dealings with people, in your work,

  5. be compassionate/ kind to yourself and others

Reiki is not a belief or religion so are these philosophical precepts important in our practise of Reiki?

“These five precepts are at the very heart of Usui’s system and it was said that as much spiritual development could come through following the precepts as could come through carrying out the energy work.” Taggart.

Is this true for you?  Is Reiki simply energy moving and balancing in your body, or is it more?  Is it a path towards spiritual development?

My own experience has been that Reiki automatically develops the precepts within you – over many years of practising Reiki I have noticed less anger, less worry.  I have noticed more gratitude, more honesty and more kindness.  So it seems to me that the two are interlinked, the balancing of our own lives tends to encourage the precepts – whether we follow them or not.  But an interesting question arises, as Taggart claims – could following the precepts alongside Reiki propel you faster down your spiritual path?  what has been your experience?

See the original Taggart article here.

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