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Reiki Rule 10 – Ignore Silly Rules and Restrictions

I was blessed with a Teacher who didn’t give rules or restrictions, so I have to say I was shocked to read the list Taggart records of rules and restrictions he has come across – when not to give Reiki – scary!  I have personally Reikied pacemakers, broken bones, pregnancies and all the rest with nothing but positive and healing results – so do take a leap of faith and at least try it once before making any rash decisions!

My biggest tip to all practitioners is experiment!  If you have been taught something that doesn’t resonate with you, or simply doesn’t make logical sense, do take the time to try it out yourself, or at least research and discuss with other Reiki practitioners before assuming that everything your Teacher told you was written in stone.

In Asia we also have many cultural norms that creep into the Reiki practice as ‘rules’ of Reiki, but in fact they are really ‘rules’ of our culture and society.  So for example it is common in Buddhist countries to be told you need to be vegetarian, and I have come across many ‘taboo’ hand positions eg the crown and naval that only exist in the countries that happen to believe these energy centres are sacred and not to be messed with.

In reality Reiki is Universal energy, it does not make exceptions and we shouldn’t either.  We are not directing Reiki and we do not make it do ‘good’ or ‘bad’ things, Reiki simply balances the system and through this balance the body-mind-spirit connection is restored and we experience wellness.  Through this state of inner wellness we may feel more drawn to become vegetarian, but doing Reiki is not only for vegetarians!

See Taggart’s original article here.

Join the discussion, what rules and regulation have you heard about Reiki that you have since realised were not valid?  Or how has certain guidelines been useful?   Share with us in the comments below!


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