Reiki and Hynotherapy: An Interview with Hypnotherapist and Reiki Teacher Karen

Karen Taylor

I have lived in Singapore for 8 years with my husband and daughter and we love it here 🙂

I have been interested in various types of Complementary Healing since I was in my early 20’s – I didn’t like the feeling of powerlessness when going to the Drs about issues that they didn’t seem to have a clear answer to. I do feel there is an important place for Western Medicine but I believe there are other less invasive methods for certain conditions. I also feel that other more natural and nurturing therapies can be a good support to Conventional Medicine for most issues as well.  I love the fact that Reiki and Hypnotherapy treat the root cause of disease in the body rather than only the symptom, allowing for more lasting change.

I began my Reiki training in 2007. A friend had just done a Reiki course and was raving about it. She did a healing session for me and it felt so calming and invigorating at the same time, I loved it! I was inspired by how good it felt along with its simplicity and felt empowered that I could help myself and my family. This was important to me, not only because I had spent a great deal of time and money going to others for treatment, but also because I was beginning to realize that we are really the ones who are in control of our healing.

Reiki introduced me to the importance of energy and seemed to catapult me in a new direction, one that seemed more appropriate to my life at the time. I was also interested in the brain and the power of the mind. My Mum had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers and I wanted to know more about what the mind can achieve. A year later I trained as a Hypnotherapist and soon after began working in this area as well as giving Reiki treatments. I find it fascinating and humbling to work with the subconscious mind and the wonderful loving energy of Reiki. It felt natural to use Reiki in Hypnotherapy sessions as it is such a positive addition and support.

Since I began my Reiki journey in 2007, I changed my work path from teaching, working for char