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Protection against what?

I often get asked a question around how to use Reiki to protect yourself against ‘negative’ energies and its always a good opportunity to bust some myths around our deep seated superstitions and beliefs about good and bad energies. Reiki is beyond, or deeper than, or before, duality. That means Reiki exists before good and bad, up and down, big and small, light and dark. Reiki is Universal energy; that which exists through everything, is made of everything, and exists without everything. As a human experience we do exist in the dualistic Universe of form, absolutely, so where there is good there is bad, where there is light there is dark. People often look at Reiki as ‘light’ and everything negative as ‘dark’ but in my experience Reiki is not good or light, neither is it bad or dark, it simply is energy. How you use it in your own growth is totally up to your own bodymind mechanism, Reiki does not judge.

For many people, when we begin our Reiki journey we become much more sensitive and aware of our surroundings, and this can sometimes make us more sensitive to other energies such as angels or lightworking beings, and of course with that comes an increased sensitivity to darker energies. The funny thing is we actually think that this is suddenly an issue. Before we were aware of these other levels of energy we were not concerned, now suddenly we feel negative energies and we are concerned! Do you think they have come out of nowhere? Suddenly you are surrounded by angels and dark spirits, yet before you were not? They suddenly singled you out as special? No, sorry. Like internet and mobile phone connections, we are surrounded by billions of bits of data, information, and energy vibrations. You just have become more aware of them. Energy is energy – light or dark in your perception is just your perception. The more fear you have, the more you will perceive dark, the more joy you have the more you will perceive light. Frankly if you have fear you can perceive any shadow as evil, have you tried walking down a dark alley at night?

Instead of trying to protect yourself against your perceptions (ie your imagination) how about recognizing it as imagination? I am not saying the energy you perceive does not exist, I also can perceive many different layers of vibration, I just don’t label it. Check it out for yourself, next time you feel a ‘negative’ presence become much more alert to what is your judgment and what is actually real. How does it feel? Goose bumply? Sensations up the back of your neck? Hair stands on end? You feel a sense of anger or the room grows darker? And so? Pay attention to the sensations, be curious, how interesting! Your fear is what the problem is, not your senses. What is your fear belief? That you can become invaded? That some entity can somehow take over your mind? Maybe one too many horror movies 😉 You are a solid physical being, without your fear, what is the problem?

Energies only stick around if you feed them – anger breeds anger, negativity breed negativity, love breeds love, positivity breeds positivity. Use Reiki to fill yourself up and then take a good look at all the beliefs you hold – particularly ones that create fear. Trying to use Reiki as a barrier against your own fear is never going to work. You need to face your fears, question them, where did you get that idea from? Then check it out, look at releasing your fears, rather than constantly expending energy trying to prop up your fears with special amulets and prayers. Look at reality, see through your superstitions, and grow.

Read this article in French, translated by Arielle Benadi:


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