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Old Earth = Control, New Earth = Connection

How are you feeling the New Earth energies? The general consensus is it is now here, available and waiting for you! The New Earth/New Timeline/5D are various names used to describe the evolutionary leap catalysed by COVID-19. The process actually began way before, but global lockdowns forced a huge reset, a reflection and opportunity for change.

Not all of us will take advantage of this shift, and it’s an open invitation- you can step in now, or you can stay in the old timeline- no judgement, no rush. You know what’s what in the old timeline- hanging onto old paradigms, beliefs, and lots of suffering. The main criteria for the old timeline is control. How do I control my surroundings? My feelings? My life and how others act towards me? Even to the point of insanity - how do I control other’s lives to better suit my agenda? My comfort level? We are all very familiar with this paradigm, we have plenty of agendas and control issues and we have born the brunt of other’s agendas and control issues.

New Earth/timeline/5D is about connection - the understanding that I AM you. We are one and the same, trying to control you is simply trying to control me, so why not go back to origin - what in me is needing to control? What in me is uncomfortable with the way you are behaving? What in me is uncomfortable with the way events are unfolding? As this understanding deepens we pay more and more attention to the inner triggers and less and less attention to the "triggerer". When someone triggers us it has nothing to do with them, when things don't go our way it has nothing to do with the event.

If you decide to start playing in the New Earth, part of the integration is paying attention to what is available for you, the energy is evolving rapidly and the ease with which we can feel the difference is unprecedented- the ability for you to turn inwards and reflect is at an all time high, but so is the temptation to meddle. Social media, the ability to voice your opinion about every topic, people's distress reaching all time highs - it’s difficult to remind ourselves to stay in our own business, so this is also a practice.

When your body is feeling stressed or anxious, understand that you are in the old timeline, you are in thoughts and beliefs that belong in the old timeline - and almost always related to control. You trying to control outcomes, people, events, or people trying to control you. It's going to feel uncomfortable because it is. And as the New Earth takes up more and more bandwidth, the discomfort is going to ramp up.

So even though I say staying in the old timeline is no judgment, it is definitely going to get uncomfortable (if it isn't already). Perhaps you can investigate this next time you feel stressed. See if you can pause, take a backwards step internally as if you are sitting back and watching your own stress and where it comes from. Whose business are you in? Are you worried about someone else? Are you anxious about something that you can’t control? Are you projecting into the future or wishing the past didn’t happen the way it did? Are you spinning tales in your head and running thoughts into cycles? What are you trying to control? It will

always be there, a movement to restrict, control, change, squeeze, and it will feel tense and tight. It may not be easy to identify or even to accept - that you are controlling and restricting - but even taking the time to look and see, is the beginning of inner-awareness. It’s a start - when you begin to focus on the trigger and not the triggerer.

As you keep practicing this inner awareness, checking in when you get anxious, taking the time to trace back to origin, reminding yourself you have a choice - you may begin to see for yourself the patterns of the old timeline and then decide to shift. The New Earth is waiting, but it's not demanding or pushy, it is simply available. Only you can choose to stop, and it is a deliberate action. This free will is the will to do things differently, to let go of the grabbing and controlling and be willing to trust life to live through you. The willingness to let go, to see your connection and that life itself does not need you to grab at it.

I'm not saying its easy - I'm saying it's a choice. Letting go of the need for your life to be a certain way is difficult. Letting go and trusting everybody will be ok without your constant manipulation is difficult. Trusting you will be ok even if people go off and do things you don't like is difficult. I'm not saying any of this is easy. But I am saying it's where we are headed - and you can go peacefully and willingly, or you can be dragged kicking and screaming into the evolution of this energy over the next decade. This is also your choice.

If you choose to actively participate you will find the process fascinating. If you have the courage to stop manipulating, stop projecting, stop controlling you will see things unfold in magical ways you could never foresee. You will see that you are actually perfectly ok, in fact better than ok, you are flourishing. Your energy returns to you - all that energy you invested in controlling things!

You will see your free will for what it is - the ability to stop arguing, to stop engaging with toxicity, the ability to choose peace rather than stress. So here is the practice - don't have the last word, don't "get your point across", don't try to be heard, stop fighting. Just stop. And see what happens. See if your sense of self dissolves in a useless puddle, see if you disappear, see if you explode. Your sense of self is an eternal, universal fact - it is not run by control. When people don't do what you want, and when things don't go the way you want - you are still here. And the less you need things to go your way, the less anxious you get, the less fear you have. When you see that whatever happens, you are fine, then you stop worrying about what will happen.

This possibility of deep peace and connection is here for everyone - more so than ever before. Welcome to the New Earth x


Debbie Lindsay
Debbie Lindsay

Ty. ❤️❤️💟💐💟✅

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