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How to overcome Panic attacks

“I would like to ask if you have any advice on using reiki to aid a panic attack when it occurs. Of course, frequent use of reiki as well as spiritual practices will probably minimize the occurrence of anxiety attacks but I was wondering what you recommend should one need some immediate relief.”

Panic attacks are often a symptom of deep underlying fears that have been simmering for a long time – I would recommend continuing with the full hour treatments and reflect as you do the reiki to identify what some of the underlying fears are – very gently, there are lots of inquiry tools to help you release – I love Byron Katie’s work and really recommend it – you can see her in action on youtube and she has several great books.

For immediate relief you can try holding the 3rd eye points – the forehead and back of the head and allowing the energy to flow through your crown and all the way down to your base. Breathing is really important – you feel the anxiety or the fear and you breathe into it – reflect on it, what are the sensations? Where is it in the body? Is it tingling, heat, prickles, watch the heart beating like crazy – do all this without judgment, as if you are outside the body, do not attach emotions or thoughts to it – it is our fearful thinking around the attack that creates the discomfort, not the actual symptoms themselves which are actually only an adrenaline rush.

Try this as first aid, though getting to the root cause and keeping the body in general balance is obviously the long term solution!

Have you overcome panic or anxiety attacks? What has worked for you?  Post your comments below!


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