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Getting Back into Reiki

Have you fallen off the Reiki bandwagon? Stopped doing your self-treat? Never started in the first place? Doing it now and again but want to reinvigorate your practice?

Often when we complete our Reiki 1 class we are so enthusiastic and we do it for weeks and find abundant benefits, we are glowing and happy and excited. Then by and by life gets busy, or we get complacent, or we simply stop.  sometimes we stop because of trauma or depression, ironic isn’t it – when we need it most, we stop.  Sometimes I think we have ‘self-destruct’ written into our DNA!

So how do you get back into Reiki after months or years of absence?  Actually the short answer is simply stick your hands back on your body – with consciousness!  Dust down your Reiki music with the 5 minute bells, put it on and go through the 12 positions.  You may not feel anything in the beginning, it may take a few weeks for the ‘Reiki feeling’ to come back, but it will.  Once you have been attuned to Reiki you do not loose the activation, but you may well loose the sensation of Reiki.

Another way, which may be a more powerful kick up the butt, is to get yourself back into the Reiki community.  Join a Reiki share group, chitchat online on one of the many forums, go for a personal Reiki treatment, get another attunement from a Reiki teacher, anything to kick start the Reiki in a more powerful and meaningful way.

Remember you have not lost Reiki, you may have lost the momentum, and the sensations you used to feel – but this is due to your energy being more closed and less sensitive after weeks, months or years of not doing any energy work.  If you stopped Reiki because of personal trauma, illness or depression then your energy is at an even lower ebb and this will definitely have an effect on how much sensitivity you have.  If you are at this point, having a Reiki treatment from a Reiki practitioner would be a really good thing to do – sometimes we just need a little help to get back into our groove.

My online meditations are also a great way to gently open and cleanse the chakras, as well as having inbuilt healing attunements in the audios, they are very powerful ways of kick starting your Reiki practice over afew days or going for a full cleanse over a month!

For Reiki students of the Reiki Centre you should be able to access the meditations and more ideas here:


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