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Empowering ourselves with Reiki

I was so touched a few evenings ago when my 11 year old daughter thanked me for giving her Reiki in her hands.  It came up in a discussion between my two daughters on how they use Reiki to help themselves when they are scared, or when they want to go to sleep.  They were comparing notes on which hand positions they used for different purposes. I was in awe at how much self-awareness they had, and how natural it was for them to help themselves instead of asking me to fix them.

It got me thinking on how enriching and empowering it is for us to take our own counsel before taking the opinions of others.  When we listen to ourselves first, we become much better judges of what is best for our own growth and health – and we become much more discerning on listening to the opinion of others.  Most people are trying to help, of course, but they do so under a haze of their own experiences, beliefs, training, and expectations.  There are very few people on this planet who are so clear of their own baggage that they can give you uncluttered advice.  And if anyone can give you that full perspective, its you.

For most of us we have been brought up to give all our power away, firstly through the demands of our parents, and then through the demands of our teachers, peers, bosses, religion, culture, and society.  Some of the beliefs we collect will resonate, and some will not – but even at a very young age we are taught to mistrust our own innate emotional barometer, and rely on the wisdom of our elders.  By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have no idea what is really ‘me’ and what has been poured into our minds by others.

Reiki works by balancing us out – on all levels.  Physically of course we notice improvements in the way our body works, but emotionally and mentally we begin to see through the haze.  We begin to trust ourselves again, and we begin to discern that others, whilst well-meaning, are not living the life we are living.  Reiki also provides us with the energy and vitality to stand in our power, this is not always easy – especially when everyone else seems to be going in the opposite direction!  But at least going in our own direction creates inner peace, inner satisfaction, and a great deal of happiness.  When we stand in our own power, and when we learn to listen to our own counsel, the world is a whole lot less scary, and a whole lot more fun.  As my kids are finding out!


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