Creating a Sacred space with Reiki Symbols

Creating a sacred space for meditation, reiki practice or simply to have a lovely space to work and live in is very worthwhile.  As you cleanse your space you can set intentions specifically for each space and you can add lots of creative ideas like programming crystals, creating protective boundaries, and anything else that crosses your mind.

Use the Harmony symbol to clear space and combine it with the Empowerment symbol to empower the space.  Written together you also have the benefit of hiding the symbol from prying eyes.

In the most basic of space clearing, simply walk into the room and visualize the Harmony and Empowerment symbols covering the entire space, as you visualize the symbols set the intention that you are clearing the space – done!  I do this basic clearing in my temporary spaces – eg. hotel rooms, elevators, dodgy taxis, airplanes, meeting rooms or when I am entering someone else’s space that feels a bit ‘sticky’ or ‘heavy’.  In this basic clearing, it is like spraying the room with air freshener to clear the smell – but without removing the cause of the smell 🙂 – it’s a temporary quick fix.

For a more permanent clearing – ie you want to clear and keep it clean, do the same initial clearing as above but also physically draw both symbols (harmony first, empowerment over the top of it) around the room – in the corners, behind pictures, top of the door frames, behind wardrobes etc – keep the symbols discreet and hidden.  Redo the drawing every 3-6 months to keep the space nice and clean.  If you find you are arguing a lot in the space or it still keeps a lot of tension, do this more regularly and maybe consider some of the additional ideas below.