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Creating a Sacred space with Reiki Symbols

Creating a sacred space for meditation, reiki practice or simply to have a lovely space to work and live in is very worthwhile.  As you cleanse your space you can set intentions specifically for each space and you can add lots of creative ideas like programming crystals, creating protective boundaries, and anything else that crosses your mind.

Use the Harmony symbol to clear space and combine it with the Empowerment symbol to empower the space.  Written together you also have the benefit of hiding the symbol from prying eyes.

In the most basic of space clearing, simply walk into the room and visualize the Harmony and Empowerment symbols covering the entire space, as you visualize the symbols set the intention that you are clearing the space – done!  I do this basic clearing in my temporary spaces – eg. hotel rooms, elevators, dodgy taxis, airplanes, meeting rooms or when I am entering someone else’s space that feels a bit ‘sticky’ or ‘heavy’.  In this basic clearing, it is like spraying the room with air freshener to clear the smell – but without removing the cause of the smell 🙂 – it’s a temporary quick fix.

For a more permanent clearing – ie you want to clear and keep it clean, do the same initial clearing as above but also physically draw both symbols (harmony first, empowerment over the top of it) around the room – in the corners, behind pictures, top of the door frames, behind wardrobes etc – keep the symbols discreet and hidden.  Redo the drawing every 3-6 months to keep the space nice and clean.  If you find you are arguing a lot in the space or it still keeps a lot of tension, do this more regularly and maybe consider some of the additional ideas below.

A lovely ritual space clearing is described below and is adapted by Karen Kingston’s book ‘Creating Sacred Spaces’

This ritual is a lovely way to set intention and you can use lots of additional props eg. Placement of crystals, alters, meaningful photos or quotes etc – with all the placements, remember to further empower them by either drawing the harmony and empowerment symbols on them or if you are using crystals visualizing the symbols over the crystals.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Set the intention for the space, the clearer you are in the beginning of what you want from the space, how you want the space to support you, the more focused this ritual and your results.  State your intention out loud eg. “I am setting my intention to clear this space for my meditation practice.  I thank this space for supporting me during my meditation and for creating a loving, supportive and peaceful environment”.  Or if it is for your home “I thank this space for supporting me and my family.  I set the intention for everyone who lives in this space to be lovingly supported by the environment, as we lovingly support each other and the space we live in.”

  2. Visualize the Harmony and Empowerment symbols covering the entire space, I like to do this alone and dance the symbols, making them big!

  3. Place a small bowl of flowers at the main door – I like to have water in the bowl and tend to choose a glass or metal bowl to represent earth, if you have floating candles, place one in the middle, or whatever ritual feels honouring to you and your sacred space.

  4. Now from the main door of the room (if you are doing your entire home then the front door), physically walk the space with your right hand, anti-clockwise touching the walls all the way – as you walk around the space, keep repeating your intention quietly or in your mind, take your time, absorb the space and the feeling of the space – really embrace this space and feel all the walls, doors, cupboards – touch the entire perimeter walking in an anti-clockwise direction until you get back to the beginning.

  5. Now walk around again and with bells or clapping, clear all the corners and symbol both Harmony and Empowerment using permanent pen to mark symbolically the four corners of all the rooms you are clearing – if you have pictures or wardrobes not exactly near the corners you can still use them symbolically to represent the corners (corners often collect ‘stuck’ energies which can become stagnant so regular bells or clapping into the corners of your space will help to move energy).

  6. When you get back to the main door you can do a final ‘thank you’ to the space or whatever closing feels right for you.

  7. If you have time it is very worthwhile to then sit in your newly cleared space and send Reiki to your original intention for the room – this can be an extremely powerful experience and really ‘sets’ the intention.

Optional examples:

If it is for your healing room you may want to be very specific as to what is happening in your space.  I had a few healers who rented space in my Centre and did not clear their own clients very well – as a result I found myself doing a lot of extra clearing for them when their clients ‘dumped’ stuff into my Centre.  A simple fix was to set the intention for the healing room to do two things: a. to be self-clearing when people dumped negative energy into the space and b. a crystal over the door of the room to protect the space from being a rubbish dump, the intention for this crystal was to ‘program’ people to take their own rubbish out of the centre with them and ‘dump’ it onto the street instead.  Sounds very odd I know, but works a treat!

Programming crystals is very easy with Reiki, simply choose a crystal that feels right for the job (clear quartz is a great one for everything!), hold the crystal in both hands and give it some Reiki, then holding it in one hand use your other hand to finger draw the Harmony and Empowerment symbols over the crystal whilst telling your crystal your intention.  That’s it!  You can then cellotape or place the crystal wherever you want.

If you are not doing healing but you have people in your environment who you find draining or tiring, you can also place a crystal over your bedroom or your private space and intention the crystal to either cleanse or restore you every time you walk under it – or to cleanse and restore everyone who walks under it, or any other creative suggestions you can think of that you feel will help!  The possibilities are really endless.

The general idea is not to get too stuck on the details, but to create a ritual that speaks to you, that you feel is meaningful and that uses elements that make sense to you.  For me I use the long ritual every time I move home or Centre premises and then afterwards I ‘refresh’ the energy regularly (every 3-6 months) by redrawing the symbols and finally I visualize the symbols whenever I feel the urge to – in my centre that is usually before and after every workshop or class, and in my home when things start going wrong either with the home itself – leaking, electrical faults etc or increased tension or arguments.  This does not always solve the issues (I wish!) but it does ensure the problems are not caused by stagnant or unpleasant environmental energies – in other words, it rules out environmental energy causes and helps support me while I work through the issues.

Most importantly having a clear, supportive and loving environment to live and work in has a huge effect on us personally – as we all know with Reiki, we are Universal energy so everything around us is part of us, it affects us negatively or positively and the wonderful tools we have allow us to ensure a positive and nurturing experience.


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