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Book Review: Animal Reiki – Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad

Animal Reiki is a very inspiring read for the animal lover, and is an especially good addition to your Reiki library if you are a ‘pawrent’ or work with animals. Written by Elizabeth Fulton and Kathleen Prasad, both Animal Reiki Teachers, it is packed with anecdotes on how Reiki helped animals; from cats and dogs to horses and raccoons. Fulton and Prasad focus more on the approach than techniques when providing Reiki for animals, and highlight the importance of respecting the animal’s boundaries and their needs.

Our furry friends cannot give us feedback like humans can during a Reiki treatment. Fulton and Prasad provide essential information on how to interpret animals’ reactions and responses to guide a practitioner during a treatment, and also elaborate on using your intuition and perception when giving Reiki to an animal. The authors often suggest hands-off Reiki or Reiki from a short distance, which may be something new for some Reiki practitioners, explaining that animals have higher sensitivity to energy than humans in general.

With comprehensive information on approaches for different animal species, and additional chapters dedicated to Reiki for dying pets, senior and special needs animals, Animal Reiki is a book that will benefit both Reiki Practitioners and Teachers who wants to learn more about Reiki for animals.


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