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Bad versus Good energy

“Is it possible to ‘absorb’ negative energy from someone else when giving them a Reiki Treatment?”

A frequent question that comes up in forums, Reiki classes, and conversations with non-Reiki folks, it is technically a tough one to answer, because YES you can, but in reality, NO you can’t.

First for the ‘yes’ part. We have all felt the impact of someone else’s energy on our own system – the angry shouting stranger in a public place, the cries of anguish from a family member or friend who has lost someone dear, the endearing look from a loved one.  Other people affect us deeply and transmit their emotional state to us loud and clear.  This goes on as part of our daily interaction with people, and as such is not unique to Reiki.  When you are in the vicinity of others, you will pick up their ‘vibes’.  So, obviously, when you are giving someone a Reiki treatment, you can pick up their vibes just as you can when you have coffee with them, or chat on the phone with them – vibes travel, that’s just a fact of life.

Now for the ‘no’. But can you ‘absorb’ it like some kind of contagious illness?  Well, that is a totally different thing altogether.  For this to happen, you have to recognize it; identify with it; and want to keep it – and you wouldn’t want to keep anything negative, would you?

When you see depressed or extremely sad clients, and they share their stories with you, you may tend to ache with them, after hearing about their grief and trauma. But if you do not leave the session with a simple clarity that it is their pain, and not yours, you may find yourself feeling emotional and drained.

Coping well with the emotions of others and not being affected is very different from being cold and unfeeling. You can be deeply touched when your clients share your stories, and feel their pain with exquisite clarity, and still be very clear on what is yours and what isn’t.

‘Protection’ Versus ‘Love’

Focus on keeping the energy of the room very clean, light and loving – actively imagine ‘bathing’ both you and your client in love and light, and fill yourself with gratitude and love.  How can sadness even find a hiding spot in that level of energy?

Sadness, fear, despair, anger lives in a much lower energy ‘soup’.  Protecting yourself with shields and bubbles comes from the same ‘soup’ – the intention of protecting yourself from evil comes from the same fear that evil lives in – if there is such a thing. When you look at it as only love and confusion, then the way is clear – stop whatever you are doing if you find yourself confused, and actively bath yourself in love, and in gratitude.  From this vantage point, confusion vanishes and love returns.

In short, anything that brings more fear into your life is definitely pushing you in the wrong direction, turn around and look for the answers in the opposite direction, and you’ll find the truth.

What has been your experience?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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