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Act like tomorrow is already here

I was reading a review on Adyashanti recently where the critic was complaining Adya doesn’t really have a consistent methodology. Sometimes its breath awareness, sometimes its ‘let go and be’ sometimes its stories with anecdotes and visuals, sometimes its koans. As a student of his, I love this inconsistency – I know that he is trying to get to the exact same point, but he is trying different paths – maybe this way, maybe that. It gives you different things and concepts to try out for yourself, and it also holds the method very lightly – the finger pointing to the moon concept – don’t get so caught up in the method and become so technique focused that you loose sight of the goal.

I notice life is exactly the same, it nudges you into insight this way, and that. Does this work? No? Still asleep? OK, how about this? And it gets louder, have you noticed? If you listen well, the nudge is enough, but if you don’t, well…expect the volume to go up! It makes me smile, when I get swiped sideways, obviously I’ve got my fingers glued into my ears and my eyes screwed tight chanting ‘nanana’.

I’ve just got a rescue dog, after a lot of nagging from my children. I didn’t want a dog, not because I don’t love dogs (I do) but because I was just seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My kids are teenagers, they are rarely home, they need a bit of feeding, a bit of watering, and some chauffeuring, but apart from that, they are well functioning, independent and I am seeing a whole ton of time opening up. I was thinking “great! ME time!” And now the dog has arrived, and she’s gorgeous, but I’m up again at the crack of dawn, walks, feeding, staring at me while I’m trying to meditate. Barking if I put her in another room to meditate. Sigh. Why am I doing this to myself?

So I’ve been wondering why I said yes? Are my boundaries so loose that my kids can make me feel guilty so easily? Am I so worried about being alone I had to fill my time with a dog? I’m resenting this poor little creature, I’m resenting my kids, I’m resenting mostly myself and my lousy boundaries and my inability to say NO and and and….blah blah, I’m never going to have time to be present (no seriously I’m thinking this), I’m never going to have the courage to just sit by myself without filling it with a hundred other things to do, blah blah….

Then I’m grabbing a moment to meditate while my kids walk the dog, phew! Silence, peace! And Adya is on YouTube telling me to be present, and that every moment is a perfect moment, and your life is the entire point – all of it, not the peaceful moments when you have time to meditate, but absolutely all of it, and if you can’t be at peace when you are busy, then you are kind of missing the point. In fact the rubber only really hits the road when you are out living your life, not when you are on retreat, or sitting in silence. Sigh. Yup, missing the point, yet again.

The dog is the universe asking me to stay present.

So this morning I’m out with the dog, and I’m like ‘right! I’m going to be present and mindful, and I’m going to use these opportunities!’ as I march along the pavement lost in thoughts of how mindful I am, dragging my poor dog behind me trying to do her business, whilst I’m convincing myself to be present.

The universe also has a hilarious sense of humour 😉

Every, single, moment. It’s amazing really. Opportunity here, here, here. To be present to your life. What are you lost in thought over? Waiting for things to change, waiting for more time, waiting, waiting.

Whatever you are waiting for, give it to yourself, today.


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