2021 - Are you feeling it?

After the big build-up to the 2020 December Solstice, it was happy days that it didn’t disappoint! With all the hoopla around the new earth energy, splitting timeline, and new 5D Crystalline energy – it’s easy to roll eyes and shrug shoulders. So, are you feeling different?

Forget your belief systems around whatever is going on and come into the truth you are feeling in your body. Since the 21st I have noticed my attunements have changed, my sense of grounding has changed, and my sense of reality. I can’t quite put my finger on it, it’s only been a few weeks, but I can certainly say things feel different. I can’t even say if it's good or bad different, just different.

A few themes I have noticed coming up for me and those around me – perhaps some of these themes resonate, or give you pause for thought….

1. Feeling quite disconnected from world events – so much drama – perhaps you feel curiosity, I mean get out the popcorn! But perhaps less enraged, upset or sucked in? Self-interest, narcissism, power struggles….blah blah blah…you and your power lie elsewhere. Can we stay engaged without getting enraged? Seeing the games, lifting the blinkers, definitely a theme for 2021 – Peekaboo….I see you!

2. Attachments and very hidden belief structures are clearer, and popping up more strongly. Many have told me they are struggling with old family issues or resolving and looking at them – the last personal karmic stuff – the deep cleaning. How can you be true to yourself AND still be in your human interactions? This is more personal – disconnecting from old family drama and your old roles, yet staying loving and compassionate.