The Four Stages of Awareness

Stage One: Being asleep

The ‘blur’ stage!  You are looking outwards, you are blaming others, you are in victim mode, you think it’s happening to you, you feel helpless, powerless.

Typical situations – you get sick and blame the weather (!), your relationship issues are all the other person’s fault, you try to fix something from the outside in – change your job/car/condo/country/boyfriend.

Most of the world we live in today is fast asleep.

Stage Two: We realize we are dreaming

After enough pain, and changes you realize it doesn’t matter what you try – its not working.  This can take a loooong time for many and we have different rates of realisations depending on what the issue is – some things we may catch very quickly, others will take us a lifetime to realize.  When we realise we are dreaming, we are still asleep but we begin to see that our actions and our thinking is what is directing the dream, the dream itself is not the problem – the problem is within us.

This is a massive shift in awareness when many of us begin to seek out alternative healing, Reiki, methods of self-empowerment.  We begin to explore the ‘cause and effect’ spectrum of creation – we realize that when we think or feel something – there is a positive or negative effect; the action is related to our thinking.  We realize our negative issues are caused by what we are thinking or doing – it is not only the other person’s fault, we have some responsibility in this as well.

In this stage many of us become ‘seekers’ as we start to look for alternative answers both in therapies, and within ourselves.  This stage can be incredibly freeing and growing as we make rapid progress and feel much lighter, more in control and happier.

Stage Three: Preparing to Wake up

After some seeking we realize what needs to happen – we need to change, we need to let go of many things, we need to change the job/car/condo/country/boyfriend but not for another job/car/condo/country/boyfriend we are now aware that changing the external is not the answer, we need to change the entire dimension – step into an entirely new paradigm – let go of the old.  So instead of changing from one job in insurance to another, we want to change the entire career.  A quantum leap is about to occur and we can often suffer a feeling of set-back or fear when looking over the edge.

Preparing to wake up is a huge leap of faith, we know we are sleeping, we know there is more, we know we are right to make this leap – and yet our logical, cognitive mind is going crazy – “how do you know?”

The rest of the world is still asleep.  Maybe they are all right, and you are the crazy one?  But in your heart