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Reiki Rule 7 – You don’t need to be perfect

Although, in principle, I do agree we don’t need to be ‘perfect’, in my own interpretation I would word it ‘You are already perfect’. At the end of the day, whatever you are doing, however much or little you are practising, is absolutely perfect for you in that given moment, or else you would be doing something else!

Of course what Taggart is referring to is the idealised ‘perfection’ that we all seem to be grasping for, and never achieving (because it is fictitious!).

Believing that you need to be perfect in everything that you do is an insidious belief and something that should not apply to your practice of Reiki. Just to make this completely clear: you do not need to be perfect to obtain benefits for yourself through Reiki, you do not need to be perfect when you’re treating other people for them to receive all the benefits of Reiki. Many different approaches work with Reiki, there is no exact way that things have to be done or carried out before they’ll work, and Reiki is very accommodating. Taggart

There are many many different practises and respecting them all is a very good way to start your Reiki journey. Exploring which styles work for you, and being open minded about what works for others ensures your Reiki exploration is always growing. Spending hours stressing about hand positions, cleansing rituals, diets and other things that Teachers talk about in order to ‘clear your channel’ is a sure way to stunt your growth and make you over cautious and disempowered. If I had to wait until my ‘channels were clear’ before I treated anyone else, I would have never got started! I got going despite all my issues, hangups and over-polluted body, thank goodness.

Through my very ‘imperfect’ start with Reiki I learnt through my experiences and the experiences of others, I became increasingly humble to the fact that I am not Reiki, that Reiki works through me but is extremely forgiving of the channel it works through. Yes, I can be clearer, and when I grow, my ability to channel Reiki also grows – when I clear more of my ‘stuff’, more Reiki can flow – yes to all that, but start first, clear later! Its like wanting to scale Mt Everest but not daring to start training or practicing until you know you can scale it….training is what builds your confidence you can climb and succeed. Self-Reiki is your training that you can treat others successfully, but so is just getting in there and starting!

Taggart also touches on the attunement process, we will agree to disagree on this section – I am a stickler for initiation rituals and personally if I thought I had done the attunement wrong, I would most definitely start again and do it properly. In my mind there is a vast difference between doing something ‘properly’ and doing it ‘perfectly’ – I talk about this more in our Reiki Master sections.

So I leave you with this distinction to ponder and meditate on, doing Reiki ‘properly’ versus ‘perfectly’.

Properly to me means I understand what I need, I understand and have explored what Reiki can offer, and I offer it accordingly to others, and to myself. This may differ to what my Teacher taught me, and may differ to what I read in books, but it is something that comes through my practice and inner wisdom.

Perfectly to me means I copy my Teacher and their style, I am fearful of veering off their path, and I feel the need to reach some fictitious perfection in my own body/mind before I can start to do anything with correctly. I am focused on technique instead of inner wisdom.

See Taggart’s original article here

What do you think? Do you have a different distinction you could share with us? Do share in the comments below!


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