How to Meditate Properly – Three Top Myths

Think Meditation is about clearing the mind? Sitting in uncomfortable positions? Believe Meditation should give you inner peace? Think again!

Meditation has become a hot topic in recent years as more and more research attests to the great benefits attributed to regular sessions of quietening the mind. However there is just as much confusion on how meditation should be done, and plenty of myths on the ‘right’ way to do it.

So just what is meditation, and how do you do it correctly?

First off, I am no expert. I have been a regular practitioner of self-Reiki for the past two decades and through this experience I find myself dropping more easily into meditative practices, but I have not followed any particular path of meditation, I have not had a meditation teacher and so the following tips come simply from my personal observations and experiences. As always, follow your own counsel and if you feel guided to embark on meditation through more formal avenues I encourage you to follow your heart!

So lets discuss the three top myths:

1. Meditation is about clearing your mind


Is that even possible? Wouldn’t you be, like, dead or something? This is a HUGE misconception of the practice, with many practitioners trying to clear their minds in order to begin meditation but this is totally backwards (and impossible). Meditation is simply watching the mind in a relaxed and non-judgmental way. Through this process, maybe, your mind will clear itself. But maybe not – and that’s ok. The point is not to clear the mind, it is to see the mind, to be ‘mindful’ not ‘mindempty’.

What is the point of seeing the mind? The mind is far too full of rubbish because we haven’t been watching! We haven’t been discriminating; discerning what are helpful thoughts, not helpful thoughts; what thoughts nourish us, what thoughts destroy us. Most people believe thoughts are ‘mine’ and so the entire history of our thinking gets shoved inside our brain…’Mine, Mine, Mine’, and now we want to clear it all? Good luck! We are so attached to thoughts, first we need to see them, experience them, take a good hard look inside the monkey mind and just be with the entire cacophony of noise. Learning discernm