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Dealing with ‘Reiki Disillusionment’

As we grow on our Reiki journey we begin to become more aware of our beliefs around certain things, not least around our expectations of Reiki.  The most common belief many of us hold is that Reiki will relieve us of all our problems (you mean it doesn’t?!?!).

In the beginning we hold beliefs such as:

“Reiki will help me/my child/ husband/ mother in law/ pet… sleep better, be less stressed, work harder, focus, be more obedient, have less physical issues, get rid of my/his/her allergy, bronchitis, immune deficiencies, cancer…”(you fill in the gaps)

These are very strong beliefs and with good reason – there are thousands of case studies around the application of Reiki that point to the possibility of all of the above happening.

The problem is, however, when we find some things fix magically, and others don’t.

In our early journey with Reiki we are filled with enthusiastic anticipation as we notice not only others around us having amazing results with Reiki, but we ourselves begin the uplifting transformation towards greater peace and wellness.  In the beginning it is also very easy to see changes – by the time we come to Reiki we are in a pretty big mess, so a little balance goes a long way!  We sleep better, we eat better, we strengthen our immune system – pretty natural and easy fixes once the body is given a chance to rebalance.  All around us, little miracles and good changes seem to abound – Reiki is so ‘WOW’!!

But after a few months, or a few years, we notice more deep seated issues are not shifting, or we notice new issues coming up – we get sick, we get disease, we may even get cancer.  Good God!  Why is this happening to us/ our loved ones?

Why haven’t all these things magically fixed and given us the good life we so crave?

Herein lies the very deep hidden core belief that we think we don’t believe anymore.  Here we are again, thinking that internal happiness is dependent on external events. We can’t be happy and have health issues, or relationship issues, we can’t be happy and live in a house/country/job we hate.  And this is where the disillusionment sets in; Reiki was supposed to make us happy!  And in order to do that, based on our core belief, Reiki is supposed to fix all the ‘stuff’ so bad things never happen to us.

Yes, its funny when its written down, ridiculous even, but isn’t this the core of any disillusionment we may feel…when we think ‘Reiki is not working’?

In honesty, Reiki is working fine, we are the ones resisting life.  Life happens, we get sick, we get fired, we lose loved ones, people leave us, we leave people, mother in laws exist (get used to it), cake makes us fat…deal with it.

Reiki is not magic.  It is not some kind of bubble you can place around yourself and your loved ones to shield out all the bad stuff.  Reiki is universal life force, the essence of all ‘stuff’ in the universe, it includes all the wonders of the world and our amazing universe, it also includes death, loss, disease, pain, suffering, anger, fear, grief.  It is all part and parcel of this incredible journey we are on.  You can’t shield out some universal energy and only accept others; that by definition is resistance, or denial.

Reiki is self-awareness.  If you keep doing self-Reiki you will grow in acceptance, surrender, and flow.  You will begin to see the gifts in everything.  You will begin to embrace the challenges as you do the rewards.  You will begin to see universal source in everything.  All of life will be embraced and you will find your inner core of happiness and peace no matter what is happening around you, or in your body.

Drop the deep belief that Reiki should only give us good things, and drop the deeper belief that happiness comes from external experiences.  Happiness and peace of mind come from within us, no matter what is happening either in our bodies, our experience, or in our environment.

“If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all” Yogi Bhajan

What do you think?  Have you had a similar experience with Reiki and what have you found useful in appreciating Reiki throughout all the challenges?


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