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Book Review: Reiki and the Seven Chakras

In this book, author Richard Ellis combines the system of Reiki and the seven main chakras, and also shares his views on the energetic fields and spirituality. Introducing his book as a ‘collection of ideas and insights from numerous sources’, Reiki and the Seven Chakras is essentially a resource for gaining a more in depth understanding of the seven Chakras, and how it relates to Reiki and healing.

The first and last few chapters of this book introduces Ellis’ own spiritual and Reiki journey, and touches on what Reiki, healing and spirituality means to the author. The rest of the book gives an in-depth overview of each of the chakras.

Each chakra is explained in detail – its attributes, signs of balance and imbalance, guide to self-assessment of your own chakra, and exercises to support the chakra. Ellis often uses real life experiences and examples in illustrating his points – which makes it easy for even the layman to grasp and understand the concept of chakras and energy, and how it can manifest on different levels, as well as in life situations.

It is a great resource for those who incorporate the chakras in their Reiki practice, or those simply wanting to understand more on the chakras. It provides some very useful information to work with when giving someone a Reiki session, and is thus also a good guide for those with a healing practice.


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