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All Decisions have 3 options – stay/go/procrastinate!

Do you have those times when you really just don’t know which option to take?  You draw up your pros and cons list, you discuss with family and friends and you just seem to go round and round in circles?  Well, there is no need to panic really as there is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ decision.  We are always experiencing life; the path actually makes little difference to the outcome.  Some lessons we may try to delay, some experiences we may try to avoid, but eventually – it comes round again.

You can see it a bit like an expressway, our lives seem to be going in one line – like an expressway, and along the way are exits – these exits are offerings or opportunities to do things differently – tributaries which lead us to new experiences, maybe to a life lesson or a new insight.  When we hit these exits we are often confounded with indecision, what to do?  Should we continue along the expressway, which is much broader, and in our comfort zone, or what I like to think of as my ‘Ego Zone’, or do we want to flow off, down the tributary into new and uncharted areas?  When we hit these invitational exits we can see the pros of both, but we can also see the cons.  It’s tough, so we get stuck in indecision and procrastination.

Sometimes just knowing we have 3 options, and acknowledging which option we are taking, can be helpful!

Option 1, remain on the expressway.  The expressway represent the Ego route – the route of the majority of society, the logical way, some would say the obvious way.  It’s the route you are currently on, so its an ongoing expression of what you have been doing which culminates in the next step – it’s the route your head tells you to stay on.  It relies on willpower and hard work and takes a lot of personal energy to push through.

Option 2, flow into the exit.  The exits represent the higher self route – the route of your heart.  This option seems to be more in flow, more fluid and many would feel they have been ‘guided’ to this route.  But it is often illogical, and feels full of risk.  It is essentially stepping into unknown territory and so requires a leap of faith.  It feels ‘right’ to the heart, but ‘wrong’ to the head.  It relies on trust, being flexible, and open.

Option 3, procrastinate.  Procrastination is often seen as a negative holding pattern to be in, but to me it is simply an indication that I have not made a clear priority on what I am ready for at this moment.  Am I going with the head or the heart?  It’s a simple decision but we are often plagued with the belief that we will only get one chance, that there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision.  But this is far from the truth.  In life there are many many tributaries, many whispers from the Universe and offers to follow our heart.  Hopefully we don’t ignore all of them, but the point is, there will be another one if you are not ready for this one just yet.  By simply being clear that you are following your head/ego this time round, you free yourself and you move forwards with awareness.

Free yourself from the belief that decisions are right or wrong.  If you miss the lesson this time, it will come along further down the road.  If you miss the opportunity to play in the heart space today, there will be another opportunity tomorrow.  Just do it with awareness.

Don’t use it as an excuse to never get off the expressway – the expressway is pretty stressful!  Remember the expressway is technically the hard route, it’s swimming against the current of the Universe.  It may seem like the easy way out as its familiar territory, but just looking at the amount of energy you expend keeping everything ‘under control’ will give you a hint.

Getting off the expressway will move you into heart space, this can be rocky and bumpy in the beginning – there is a lot of fear we need to face of the unknown, and plenty of healing that needs to take place to help us surrender to the current.  But once off the expressway there really is an entirely new world waiting for us, much calmer currents, and lots more peace. No more traffic, into the countryside!

Of course my recommendation is to get off the expressway as soon as possible!  But what is possible for you and what is right for you, is unique to you.  Never judge yourself badly if you choose to stay on the expressway – just do it with open eyes, and a clear mind.  Stay on with integrity and there is never any shame or guilt or remorse.  If it’s not time to get off, so it is.  Let that be enough and move forwards, towards the next exit.


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