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Why are some Reiki self-treats so uncomfortable?

Q: Sometimes when I do Reiki I can hardly keep my hands on my body it feels so uncomfortable, it’s like I want to throw my hands off and stop immediately – I can barely make it through 20 minutes.  Other times I can lie through the entire hour and feel so deep, calm and relaxed.  What am I doing wrong?

When you feel like this, you are doing nothing wrong!  It very much depends on what the body is processing and what you are going through at any particular time.  Sometimes when we are agitated and uncomfortable feelings or unwanted thoughts surface we try to push them aside or push them back down into our subconscious.  We are programmed from a very early age to repress negative or uncomfortable thoughts, and so we become extremely bad at dealing with them when they surface. It is exactly those treatments which are hard that we should stick with it.  Just allow the discomfort, why is it so uncomfortable to just be with your more negative or agitated side?  Ask gentle questions – never force or bully yourself.  Nurture that side of you that you would normally push aside.  Often the most valuable information and insights are in those moments we don’t want to accept or see – its a great personal growth opportunity!

Gentle questions could include:  what are the physical sensations I am feeling?  What thoughts are associated with this?  What would I like to receive from myself right now?  How can I love myself more right now?  What do I need to accept in myself?

Sometimes you can lie as still as a rock, and sometimes it feels every minute is a torture, but remember the aim of Reiki is not to become relaxed and still, it is to balance the body and become more self-aware.  So the torture is equally, if not more, valuable than the easy stillness.  Work with all of it, after all, its all you talking to you 🙂


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