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What if I don’t feel anything when I am using Reiki?

By Penelope Quest

It isn’t necessary to experience any feelings or sensations when using Reiki, either in your hands or in the area your hands are placed. Some people are very kinaesthetic, so they experience a lot of sensation, but many people aren’t, so they feel either nothing, or very little, but this doesn’t mean the Reiki isn’t working.

Reiki students often experience much less sensation when treating themselves than they do when they treat other people.  The main reason for this is to do with the different levels of vibrational energy.  Reiki is a higher and finer vibrational frequency than your own life-force/spiritual energy (your aura), which is itself a higher and finer vibrational frequency than that of your physical body, but the three are linked, because Reiki comes from (or through) your soul/spirit.  When you treat yourself the three energies are in sync with each other, so there is very little vibrational dissonance created, which is what basically causes the sensations you get in your hands or wherever your hands are placed.  However, when you are treating someone else, their aura and body have a different vibrational frequency to yours, and therefore to the Reiki that flows through you, so that does create energetic dissonance, hence you get those feelings of warmth/heat, coolness/cold, tingling, buzzing etc.  (NB – energetic dissonance isn’t harmful, it’s similar to two musical notes that just don’t sound good when played at the same time!)

However, it is important to be open to the flow of Reiki, because if you make up your mind that it isn’t going to work, you won’t be as sensitive to the subtleties of the Reiki energy, and indeed could even be mentally blocking any effects.  Your thought energy is important in the use of Reiki, because it is your INTENTION which activates it, although you don’t need to do more than just INTEND to use it, there are no special rituals to follow.  It is important to just LET Reiki flow, there is no need to try to force the energy – it is not possible to force Reiki into anyone, not even into yourself.

So to recap, when you don’t feel any sensation in your hands or on your body, that doesn’t mean the Reiki isn’t flowing, nor does it mean the Reiki isn’t working.  Often you will get other evidence, such as feeling more relaxed or sleepy.  In the end, you just have to learn to trust it!

What is your experience?  Share with us in the comments below!

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Penelope Quest is a Reiki Master based in the UK, and has been teaching workshops on healing, personal growth and spiritual development for nearly twenty years. She is also the author of a number of best-selling books, including “Reiki for Life”, “The Reiki Manual”, “Self-Healing with Reiki” and “Living the Reiki Way”.

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