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What if...everything is exactly as it should be?

I don't want to get into a political debate here, but I do want to share a recent experience with you that may prod something within you, particularly if you are resisting the way mainstream life is taking you.

In this field (alternative therapy, spiritual growth, enlightenment et al.) there are plenty of people who believe in conspiracy theories - our industry seems to attract and feed people who love to create alternate realities. And of course in our travels into the esoteric and spiritual pathways we have all come up against bizarre and surreal experiences - so it makes sense that we would then engage and indulge more radical concepts.

I'm all for the weird and wonderful, don't get me wrong, but I also deal in fundamentals, so let's put some logic against the belief systems - just for fun.

I have been musing for many years the closeness in terminology between 5D and 5G. Even in what it is meant to do. 5D is slang for the next evolution of humanity - it's when we can navigate the usual 3D life reality - ie time, space, individuality and also the deeper truth of "all is one". In simplest terms the 3rd Dimension is what we are all very familiar with - the idea that I am a locus of consciousness and that what I think and do is related to me as an individual moving through a timeline called "my life". Because I am centred around this belief that "I am a body, I am a mind, I am my thoughts and beliefs" I have to work very hard to keep status quo and to not let too many uncertainties come into my life for fear I will not be able to handle it. And of course there is massive fear around death, as this will be the 3D annihilation of self - that is for sure. 5D is the ability to see the underlying truth of the matter - consciousness is not localised individually in my body, mind or thoughts, but something much more elusive, expanded, eternal and universal.

Many of us talk this belief - that we are more than just our body/mind - and many probably believe it to be true and have had various experiences that confirm this belief - but our day to day lives are still filled with actions and tensions that keep us very stuck in the 3D paradigm.

So what about all this fuss about mobile phones and 5G? 5G is the next generation of internet connectivity and many people worry about the health risks, the advances of technology risks, the idea we will all be slaves to social media risks etc etc. I'm not going to debate any of this, I am only going to point out 2 things - 1. the names 5D and 5G, coincidence? And 2. the promise - higher connectivity, the ability to see all angles, and the expansion beyond time and space as localised.

What if 5G actually IS 5D?

Second thought for the day...the COVID vaccine. Alongside the spiritual rhetoric of the mass movement of humanity into 5D - a mass "awakening" - is the idea that our bodies need to keep up. Many "awakening guides" have been talking about waves of energy hitting earth via solar flares, alignment of planets, the earths own shifting of levels of Schumann resonance. Again the general consensus is that humanity is being called to "level up". The resistance to this and the accompanying "ascension symptoms" is creating all kinds of unpleasant and difficult sensations, health issues and mental issues. It is generally agreed that COVID is part of this process and the global stop button is helping many of us reset. This reset is partly mental - having the willingness to let go of old structures, beliefs and ways of doing things, but also physical. The body itself needs to allow for more and different energy to vibrate through it in order for the 5D process to properly take hold. This is nothing new, most awakened masters talk of mass energy shifts very physically experienced at the point of awakening, and for many years afterwards as the body adjusts.

Again, this is not a political debate, but simply my own experience after receiving the vaccine. The night I received it I had a very profound and intense re-ordering or expansion or something at a cellular level. It did not feel toxic in anyway. My body felt a huge relief come over it and my Reiki was operating how it usually does when I am going through a huge shift. My personal belief is that the mRNA injection is somehow helping my physical body move into the 5D. And no one is more surprised than me, I can tell you. Speaking with other friends it appears my experience is not unique, some of them also had mini-awakenings and big shifts directly after their vaccine.

What if the vaccine is the equivalent of the Matrix red pill?

At the end of the day, who knows what is unfolding. All I am suggesting is that you fall back on your foundational knowing - is the trust you have in this unfolding strong or not? What is your core belief around your life flow and what happens? Do you believe in a higher universal good? Is ALL really ONE?

If so, then play with the idea that everything is happening exactly on time, as it should, with the exact right movement and in love.

Hugs to you.

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I find it reassuring to think everything’s is unfolding well. I just let the day unfold I pay attention to what I want to do …what I am drawn to. I have started exercising in the morning. I incorporate Reiki into my workout.

Thanks for all that you do

Me gusta
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