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What do I do to become a Reiki practitioner?

Q: I received my certification in Reiki 1 and 2  two weeks ago..I’ve been practicing self Reiki everyday, and doing family members. Eventually my goal is to have my own practice. What else should I be doing to move me towards that goal?

If you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, ie. a professional practitioner being paid for your treatments, here are some suggestions to move you along in the right direction:

1. Get Experience.  Two weeks is really really beginners level, before you even begin to think about offering your services to others, make sure you have gained some experience with friends and family.  I would consider volunteering at charities, hospitals, hospices – anywhere in your area open to having Reiki.  Although Reiki does not require practice to offer, the clients walking through the door will have many problems that will require experience to handle.  When you open your doors to the public, you need to be ready for anything!  Take a look at this video which explains how human interactions affect us:

2. Get your Energy high.  Reiki in itself is never draining, but dealing with human energy can be extremely draining.  If you open to the public you need to ensure your energy is always higher than your clients.  you need to make sure your energy is also high with good vibrations, so personal inner work is essential.  I recommend at least 2 months of self healing before offering to Reiki other people who are not family or friends.  Take the next two months to do daily self-treatment, and in my tradition I would then recommend another 2 months of becoming familiar with the Level 2 techniques via sending to others and yourself, and clearing any blockages from your own system before you attempt to help others. Take a look at this video which explains what happens at each level of Reiki training: And the follow up video explaining the benefits of keeping your energy large:

3. Get Attractive. Following on from developing your energy and making sure it is full, is the need to fill it with good vibrations.  If you are still working through many personal issues or cannot heal and nurture yourself, other’s will not be attracted to you.  Reiki is a ‘role model’ healing modality and your clients are looking at you as an example of what Reiki can do.  If you are sick, grumpy, depressed or otherwise complaining and negative – why would people be attracted to what you offer?  Obviously work on yourself first and become the example of what Reiki can do.

4. Your healing space.  Once you have yourseIf sorted out and ready, I highly recommend a dedicated space to carry out your healing with clients.  This is an area you keep clear of clutter and distracting energies.  If you can rent space in a wellness centre that is ideal – doing energy healing from home can end up difficult if you are not clear on your personal boundaries.  Having a dedicated space also allows you to build up the harmonic Reiki energy in the environment making it easier for people to relax right from the beginning.

5. Legal clearance.  Different countries and in the USA, different states, have different laws regarding the practice of Reiki professionally.  Make sure you follow the laws of your country and obtain the correct certifications, insurance etc required.

6. Let people find you.  Having a website, facebook page, name cards are all important tools for professionals and Reiki is no different.  If people can’t find you then how will they even know you are offering healing?  Become known in your area, offer free talks or trial sessions.  Wellness fairs or getting linked to your local wellness centre is a great way to start – but only when you yourself are ready to serve.  Working on yourself first, making yourself vibrate with Reiki energy and love first, and the rest will really follow.


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