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Using Reiki to Release Karmic Relationship Bonds

Karmic bonds with others can often be wonderful relationships – the ‘soul mate’ feeling that we sometimes get when we first meet someone, the feeling that you know them and have met before, or the easy relationship that forms and the ease with which you seem to know each other.  This type of bond is nurturing and loving, developed over many lifetimes of loving and caring for each other.

Other karmic bonds are no less helpful, but much less comfortable.  These bonds with people seem destructive, stressful and especially challenging.  You can feel like all your buttons are being pushed simultaneously and this person can make you react in ways that no-one else can.  With hindsight you usually see this person as very important in teaching you something, often painful or challenging, and they are often catalysts for change or shifts.  These karmic bonds feel much less nurturing yet you can see that through the challenge, this person is in some way responsible for helping you grow.  Such bonds seem to be very strong and hard to break, often they also will not break until the lesson is learnt so no matter how much Reiki you throw at it, the relationship will stay stubbornly stuckfast and uncomfortable.

However, eventually you will feel ready to let such relationships go, and you will come to a space whereby you can see all the amazing gifts they have given you, all the changes you have been through because of this person, and you will be ready to let go of the relationship, or at least move the relationship into a less intense and negative space.

Cutting karmic bonds is not to be done lightly as they can often incur a healing curve or detox, it is literally like ‘unplugging’ or ‘unhooking’ yourself from them and often the solar plexus is most affected, resulting in stomach upsets, cramps, fever or diarrhea – this can be quite dramatic if the bond was especially negative!

So first of all make sure you have learnt the lessons and you are in a true space of forgiveness.  Prepare yourself for the send and surround yourself with white light, if you work with Angels I highly recommend calling in Archangel Michael and asking humbly for permission to cut the chords, pay particular attention to how you feel about this and if you feel anger or fear, it is not yet time.

Spend at least 15 minutes sending to ‘cutting the karmic bonds with X, be it to our highest good’ visualise your separate selves and the cutting of any ties, send love and forgiveness to your relationship, the person involved, and of course yourself.  Pay attention to anything else that may come up that may need further healing.

Once you have completed the send it is important to also send specifically to healing yourself and also send healing specifically to the other person, again Michael can be very helpful in healing the wounds created by cutting the chords, this part is very important!  I made the mistake of trying to cut the bond and do the healing in one 15 minute session and 4 days later was still suffering a huge release!  This discomfort disappeared once I dedicated a further 15 minutes to sending directly to healing myself and the person involved.

So in summary:

  1. Make sure you are ready to release with love and forgiveness

  2. Send 15 mins to ‘cutting the karmic bonds with X, be it to our highest good’

  3. Calling in Angel Michael or your healing guides for some extra support!

  4. Send a further 15 mins, on the same day or the day afterwards to ‘healing myself and to healing X and releasing any final unnecessary attachments’

  5. Calling in Angel Michael or your healing guides for extra healing support

  6. Always do this in a state of love and forgiveness.

Do you have other techniques or tips to add to this discussion?


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