The “Reiki solution” for COVID-19: an all-encompassing self-practice for personal wellbeing

During this time of uncertainty there are many important things we need to be doing to keep ourselves resilient, calm, healthy and happy. Could it be that Reiki provides all these answers in one easy to use package?

The recent Reiki Centre survey would say YES!

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal life force’ and is an easy to learn and popular self-help technique. The steady rise in popularity of this practice is partly due to its ease of use, simply placing your hands on your body, with no arduous requirements or training. The hands become focal points for the body to come into a deep state of balance, and through this an innate healing and resetting takes place.

Reiki has long had its fans and many celebrities are amongst the millions who use Reiki daily. The latest survey by The Reiki Centre helps to bring quantifiable evidence to the efficacy of this well-loved practice.

The Global Reiki Survey of nearly 1,300 people who use Reiki as a self-practice covered emotional/mental measures, physical health and lifestyle changes. Respondents were asked to rate their levels of improvement since beginning a Reiki practice.

92% of Reiki users report more peace and 85% less stress.

The range of improvements is impressive with better mental/emotional wellbeing topping the list:

87% report less anger,

86% less anxiety and worry,

and 84% more happiness.

Thousands of personal stories and testimonials covered an enormous range of positive differences people experience once beginning a Reiki self-practice. The common theme weaving through the data and feedback was that Reiki was life-changing.

I had Postpartum Depression. Reiki pulled me out of a very dark place.

Constadina V, USA

Emotional health and resilience, inner peace and strength even through very hard times.

Carolyn C, USA

I am more creative. Reiki opens up a new world for self-development, I am more active and more self-confident.

S.G., Poland

Reiki changed my life.

Gabor, Hungary

Asked about their physical wellbeing, 80% found they suffered from less colds/flu, 72% saw improvements in headaches/migraines and 69% found improvement in muscle cramp/pain. 66% reported improved sleep. But the range of illness that improved with Reiki was extremely broad:

I'm a quadriplegic with chronic pain issues as well. If I couldn't do self-treatments I would be much worse.

Carl A., USA

Cardiomyopathy from heart attack and high cholesterol. I continue to beat the odds! Doc calls me a walking miracle. No stints, or defibrillator and I live a normal life.

Tammy F, USA