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Welcome to the Reiki Centre

Reiki is known for its ability to restore balance on all levels; physical, mental and emotional, working with the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities.  Reiki is very easy to learn and helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.  Reiki increases feelings of peace and inner calm and helps to boost your immune system.

The Reiki Centre specializes in teaching Usui Reiki, an energy therapy originating from Japan in the early 1900s, developed by Mikao Usui.  Although we are based in Singapore, we have several teachers around the world and a well respected home study online course.

For Beginners – Talks and Groups


We host several monthly free talks and regular weekly Reiki groups open to beginners.  The free talk will give you a good introduction to Reiki as well as a Reiki ‘taster’ while the Reiki healing groups will get you involved with healing with other Reiki practitioners.  Check out our Free Talks and Reiki Groups for the upcoming events!

Learn for yourself – Reiki Workshops

Level3Dec2013Empower yourself with this amazing self-healing energy.  It is very simple to learn and anyone can do it.  No belief systems, no dietary requirements; just Reiki, pure and simple.  Start with the  Reiki 1 beginners workshop to begin healing yourself and loved ones in just one weekend!  Find a Class.

Experience Reiki – Personal Healing

elaine reikiOne on one Reiki healing sessions will bliss you out and give you an experience of what Reiki can do for you. Personal healing sessions allow you to feel the benefits of Reiki for yourself and to work through issues or blocks with an experienced Reiki practitioner.  Book a healing session.

Learn from Home – Online Classes

homestudyElaine Grundy offers Homestudy classes so you can learn Reiki in your own time with online materials and manuals.  Great for people who can’t make it to one of our face to face classes, or for people who prefer to take more time over their learning.  Find out more.

Educate yourself – Articles and Blog

book-shelfWe have built a wealth of articles and information including videos and tutorials, visit the New to Reiki section for more details, case studies and helpful articles, or if you are already a Reiki practitioner please enjoy our extensive selection of useful articles available on the Reiki Blog.

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