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The dream, the house, and the glad wrap

I had a strangest, and most profound dream a few nights ago. I was in a house trying to get out but a 'malevolent force' was trying to stop me. There were cardboard placards that looked like bricks in front of the windows - so when inside it looked like all the windows were bricked up. First illusion was it wasn't bricks, it was merely cardboard. I realised this as in my dream I was given the perspective of what was outside the house, dreams are like that - all perspectives are available - but as I was trying to move the cardboard I noticed it was held together with many layers of clear plastic glad wrap. As hard as I tried, I just couldn't release the facade and let the light in. It was stuck fast.

When I woke and pondered this dream, the first thing that struck me was the message that the bricks were just cardboard. But I also wondered, 'I was still unable to remove it, it was still all stuck together'. As I was retelling my dream to my daughter I started laughing. Hang on, I was outside the house already and trying to remove it from the outside in....but I was already free! So what was I trying to do? Let the light into the house so I could be free? Or was it ok to just walk away from the house and be free and abandon the fake brick house altogether?

It certainly gave me food for thought. In all my focus on the fake bricks, the sticky glad wrap and the windows of the house, I had totally missed I was already outside and free. It never occurred to me to just walk away from the house. I was stuck in my mind, I had to free all the windows, let the light in, clear all the false bricks. But when we talk about the new timeline, the New Earth, we are actually talking about walking away from the house, the bricks (fake or otherwise) the stickiness that binds it all together.

We have spent our entire lives trying to clean up our house, let more light in, spring clean, declutter, release, let go etc etc...what if, just what if...we need to actually stop looking at the house we have built, and simply walk away?

Kind of terrifying, and kind of liberating, wouldn't you say?

So after that dream I have been pondering what it really means. Walk away from this house I have built - the concepts and patterns of my life, how I define myself, what I think I am hanging onto, what I think I am trying to light up, clean, declutter. It certainly makes for interesting introspection and perhaps as you read this you will join me and ponder for yourself - when we talk about letting the light in, or out. Or we meditate on releasing or clearing old stuff - what are we clearing if off? An old house that no longer serves us? An obsolete structure or view of ourselves?

What if we simply walked away, empty, free, unburdened? What would happen then?



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