Take Your Experiences above Your Theories

Excerpt from Reiki - A Path to Freedom

Take time to notice the qualities of your personal experiences with Reiki, and of the deep places you go inside. I have noticed that sometimes I experience intense heat and vibrations, out-of-body travel, an expansive sense of merging with the cosmos, and other weird and wonderful things. But sometimes I experience nothing except my own overactive mind frustratingly spinning its wheels and refusing to stop.

Reiki self-treatment is a practice of openness, an opportunity simply to see what arises and be OK with it. A chance to be curious and enjoy the moment without resisting it.

During your next self-treatment, pause and notice:

What is the experience you are having?

Is anything opening for you?

When you come to self-treatment from a stance of curiosity rather than preconceived ideas, the truth can emerge from the experience. M