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Take Your Experiences above Your Theories

Excerpt from Reiki - A Path to Freedom

Take time to notice the qualities of your personal experiences with Reiki, and of the deep places you go inside. I have noticed that sometimes I experience intense heat and vibrations, out-of-body travel, an expansive sense of merging with the cosmos, and other weird and wonderful things. But sometimes I experience nothing except my own overactive mind frustratingly spinning its wheels and refusing to stop.

Reiki self-treatment is a practice of openness, an opportunity simply to see what arises and be OK with it. A chance to be curious and enjoy the moment without resisting it.

During your next self-treatment, pause and notice:

What is the experience you are having?

Is anything opening for you?

When you come to self-treatment from a stance of curiosity rather than preconceived ideas, the truth can emerge from the experience. My experience with heat or tingling is the truth. My opinion of why it is like that may be fiction. When I allow the truth of my experience to be enough, then the why will emerge if it needs to. And when we know something deeply, from direct experience of it, we do not need anyone else to validate our knowledge or agree with us about what it means.

This is what inner truth is: a deep knowing grounded in experience, rather than opinions. In this way, every time your experience changes—as it almost always will—you can evolve with it and not get stuck in the past.


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