Setting up online Reiki alternatives - Reiki healing

Now that most of the world has imposed lockdowns and Reiki healing is essentially outlawed, it is imperative that we get online. But don't worry, distance healing works wonderfully as we know, and online healing is no different. You will surprise and delight both yourself and your client.

If you are not Reiki Level 2, then this doesn't apply to you - as the critical component in distance healing is knowing the technique using the symbols. If you are considering distance healing but are not sure if it even works, then you are being given the perfect opportunity to test it out!

My own online experience began decades ago through my coaching. I was offering telephone coaching (before the days of online teleconferencing) and found that not only was it super convenient, but I was also picking up on nuances in the energy that were different from my face to face interactions. In face to face coaching you are trained to pick up on visual cues - body language, but on the phone I noticed I was feeling emotions directly and they were much more accurate for me. As I moved into offering distance Reiki healing, the same thing happened, but an even deeper layer of energetic information opened up.

If you are intuitive in your healing generally, you will notice the same thing, in fact I find the lack of distraction of not having the physical energy to contend with makes seeing the energetic layers even easier. The process is very similar to your face to face healing, I call the client (I prefer video chat on skype or zoom) and we have a quick intro chat - what are their experiences with Reiki, what would they