Reiki Courses focus on developing your Reiki education, from beginners to Reiki teachers.  Each level builds on the previous one with the aim of empowering you to be your own inner guide.  Elaine provides currently only offers online Reiki 1 and 2 courses.  Reiki 3 and Masters are done face to face.

Fully Homestudy Reiki:


Elaine's comprehensive online resources include:

Beginners Reiki 1:

a very comprehensive course including 8 hours of video, written materials, four meditations to help your practice, unlimited email support.

Advanced Reiki 2:

For those who wish to do distance healing and learn more advanced Reiki tools, 6 hours of video and comprehensive explanations, unlimited email support and a closed facebook community group.

Reiki 101 Series:

Short mini-courses designed to enhance proficiency, deepen tools and techniques, and give you better understanding of Reiki as a self-empowering tool.

Reiki Month long immersion:

Video courses with homework and audio meditations to take you deeper into your Reiki  practice.

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Reiki Education

Reiki 1 (Beginners)


This class gives full activation of Reiki in your hands.  Once you have completed this level you will be able to use Reiki to heal yourself and loved ones.  This level gives you Reiki for life and many people who are using Reiki for personal use and for friends and family find this level both fulfilling and enough for their personal needs.  Elaine is only offering online Reiki 1 at this time.



Reiki 2 (Advanced)


For those who have enjoyed and benefited from Level 1 and wish to deepen their connection with Reiki as well as activate the advanced tools.  These tools include sending Reiki to others over a distance as well as to events or issues in your life.  This workshop is a quantum leap from Level 1 and provides many new and exciting tools for the advanced practitioner.  Elaine is only offering online Reiki 2 at this time.



Reiki Master Teacher Certification

Elaine's lineage splits out the Master training into two parts, completion of both levels make up the 200 hour Reiki Master Teacher Certification:


This is a face to face three day course.  We often describe Level 3 as the most shifting class you can take, the “mother of all workshops”!  It is designed specifically for those who may not want to teach Reiki, but who are interested enough to take Reiki to its final level, ie learning how to do an attunement, and to receive the Master’s symbol.



This Teacher training is run over 6 months and comprises of both contact and homestudy.  Five days spent with Elaine in a workshop or retreat setting with further homework and phone contact throughout the training.  Completion of the training allows teachers to teach all levels of Reiki including teacher training.


Reiki Master Teacher Diploma

The Diploma enhances the teacher training with a further 300 hours of study.  These are modular and allows students to build up their Diploma in stages.  Teachers from different lineages can work with Elaine to complete this Diploma sensitively taking into consideration the training they have already received.