Setting up online alternatives - Reiki workshops

I have been offering online workshops since 2014 and experimented and tested distance attunements for an entire year before that as I was very aware of the intense resistance to this form of teaching. I wanted to be 100% sure in my own authentic self that this form of educational delivery both worked, and was effective. Since then, although online workshops still form only a small percentage of my work, I am so pleased I offer this service.

I have had the pleasure of connecting with people from all over the world and helped people who are bedridden, or caring for people and unable to get away for a weekend workshop. I have students living in remote places where Reiki teachers are non-existent, and students who find workshop interactions difficult. I have trained women who are not allowed to educate themselves, and women who would otherwise not have Reiki because they are housebound with young children, and shift workers who cannot manage a daytime class. I am so happy to be able to offer Reiki to those who want it, this is my mission, and what I feel called to do.

Now for many of you you are being called to look at online options not for all the reasons I mention above, but because your usual students just can't get to class.

But what you may find as you expand into this method of delivery is it opens your teaching up to much much more. When you can offer classes to anyone in the world, it opens up horizons and connections that you can't really imagine right now. It opens up new opportunities both for you and your students.