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Sending Reiki to your disturbing Dreams

A few of you have mentioned to me recently that you are having more vivid and disturbing dreams, so I thought it useful to remind you that Reiki can be sent to any issue to gain greater clarity and understanding.  As we develop our awareness through Reiki, we begin to get more vivid and strong input from our intuitive self.  Dreams are a very effective way for our intuitive self to get our attention – whether we decipher correctly is a different matter – but sending Reiki to the underlying issue is a good way of deepening your understanding of what your dreams are trying to highlight to you.

You can word it in many different ways, a few suggestions below for you to try:

“To the underlying issue of my dream”

“To gaining better understanding of my dream”

“To the root cause of my dream”

“To the underlying meaning of my dream”

Be open to your feelings, daydreams and thoughts as you send, and even if you don’t get immediate feedback, be open in the days to come of greater understanding.  Sometimes it is like a jigsaw and several things happen around the same time that help you gain greater clarity.


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