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Self-Discipline in the Year of the Metal Ox

Welcome to the year of the Ox!

According to the Chinese horoscope the Ox represents hard work, discipline, reaping what you sow. Paired with the Yin metal element, there is also promise of peaceful evolution, and calm development. The image of slow and steady, wise and calm.

Depending on where you are in the world this may seem like a welcome relief, or more boredom and stagnation - but essentially it is a hint to how best make use of the calming energy of the Ox - with small building blocks rather than huge shifts and turns.

And patience, lots and lots of patience!

2020 was a pivotal year, we have only just begun the journey of settling into the ramifications and changes brought on by the historic upheaval. The face of our lives have completely and irrevocably altered, and although we may hanker for the "good old days", we would be better served by looking forwards, and inwards.

Attention and focus is key this year. Into the Heart centre we go - acting and speaking and thinking from this place is the way of the New Earth. Have you noticed already? Situations and people bother us less, we are freer from our old programs and sticky attachments. We may look around and see a surface "same same" but deep inside we know we are changing, and changed.

Our Reiki practice is different, the way we hold space is different, what we are affected by and not affected by are different, our priorities, our thinking - let's face it, pretty much everything is different, fresh, new. So where is your attention now? to "getting back"? or moving forward? When you dedicate time every day to your inner life, your heart, your inner peace - you will know what to do, what to say, what is next. That clarity is here for all of us - within reach, immersed all around us. A deep wisdom and energy of knowing has risen and is readily available.

For all of us the opportunity is in the patience, the self-discipline, and the steady work. A daily self-practice, a daily check-in. When we find ourselves in tension, anxiety or fear - let your Reiki practice guide you. Yes, you may want quick answers, instant success or eradication, but this is not the way of the year of the Ox. Better to align yourself with the energy than against it.

So breath, slow down, take time and be surprised by how much you will be able to move simply by being still.

Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful and abundant year!


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