Reiki - The Most Significant Changes

This beautiful post is a testament to the power of Reiki self-practice. So many lives deeply impacted, transformed, improved. A wonderful read - do take a browse and soak it all up!

As part of the Global Reiki Survey we asked respondents share their most significant changes or improvements. The results compiled all together is breathtaking. I hope you can feel the gratitude, joy and love.

More happy and upbeat. More positive and centred. Less worrying.

Lucinda M, USA

More intuitive.

Helen S, Canada

Less muscle tensions, less migraine, better emotional balance, better stress management.

Vée, Switzerland

Unconditional self-love, balance, assisting others in a new way.

Anonymous, Australia

Emotional, spiritual and physical relief and healing,

Penny Phillips, USA

Happy and focused.

JW, Canada

I can easily manage my frustrations and heal past traumas.

Ehrlich, UAE

Physical health and strengthening of intuitive abilities.

Mary H., USA


Donna H, USA

Less anger, more considerate, more patience in general.

C.L., Canada

Mindfulness, inner peace, self-confidence, better sleep, less stress.

Dubravka K., Serbia

Calm and composed. I used to be a bit aggressive before.

Jaya G, India

I started Reiki because of anxiety and stress, these have been significantly reduced.

Mel D, Canada

Significant awareness in all things in my life - seeing the bigger picture, more understanding and forgiving of myself and others, emotions are more effectively felt - easier to deal with.

Jo, South Africa

Connecting to other people. Inner peace.

Ina G, South Africa