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Reiki - The Most Significant Changes

This beautiful post is a testament to the power of Reiki self-practice. So many lives deeply impacted, transformed, improved. A wonderful read - do take a browse and soak it all up!

As part of the Global Reiki Survey we asked respondents share their most significant changes or improvements. The results compiled all together is breathtaking. I hope you can feel the gratitude, joy and love.

More happy and upbeat. More positive and centred. Less worrying.

Lucinda M, USA

More intuitive.

Helen S, Canada

Less muscle tensions, less migraine, better emotional balance, better stress management.

Vée, Switzerland

Unconditional self-love, balance, assisting others in a new way.

Anonymous, Australia

Emotional, spiritual and physical relief and healing,

Penny Phillips, USA

Happy and focused.

JW, Canada

I can easily manage my frustrations and heal past traumas.

Ehrlich, UAE

Physical health and strengthening of intuitive abilities.

Mary H., USA


Donna H, USA

Less anger, more considerate, more patience in general.

C.L., Canada

Mindfulness, inner peace, self-confidence, better sleep, less stress.

Dubravka K., Serbia

Calm and composed. I used to be a bit aggressive before.

Jaya G, India

I started Reiki because of anxiety and stress, these have been significantly reduced.

Mel D, Canada

Significant awareness in all things in my life - seeing the bigger picture, more understanding and forgiving of myself and others, emotions are more effectively felt - easier to deal with.

Jo, South Africa

Connecting to other people. Inner peace.

Ina G, South Africa

Inner Peace. Realignment

SS, Singapore

Connection to natural world.

FML, Canada

Overall health... I rarely get sick and if I do, it's for a short time.

Tammy F, USA

Better humour and health.

Alicia Z, Argentina My energy levels have increased dramatically. Cherrie H, USA No physical pain, better movement, able to have endurance. Less stress, less reaction to stress. Anonymous The shift in energy. And more connected to the divine. Chesta Punjabi, India More grounded. Peggy, USA

Contentment, peace, self-awareness.

Linda B, USA

Expansion of consciousness. Satori. Professional success.

BS, Switzerland

I have started living my own life, being myself. I have improved my relationship with other people.

SLL, Martinique

Mindset. Improvement in thinking and more positive perspectives. Improved meditation practice.

M. Fran, USA

Emotional health and resilience, inner peace and strength even through very hard times. Opening of intuitive abilities.

Carolyn C, USA

Less anxiety.

MC, Canada

Energy, trust, peace, life's path.

Christine R., Switzerland

Slow to anger, less worry, more gratitude.

Emily B, USA

Control over pain.


My mental and emotional state have improved significantly since beginning Reiki. After my level 2 attunement, my whole outlook on life changed out of nowhere. All of a sudden, I felt calm, happy, and at ease with everything—no more road rage, more patience with my child, and measured responses to stressful situations. Everyone around me noticed the change too!

L Berarde, USA

Increase in self-worth, self-love and intuition.

Jenny F, USA

Better focus and less pain.

PaulaR, UK

Have a better quality of life. Find happiness in helping myself and others.

Shirley L, USA

Pain disappeared from some parts of my body and is less severe during the day.

Cecilia Brophy, South Africa

Reiki came to me a few months after my husband passed over and has been a God send ever since. I was in a very depressed state and Reiki helped me to find my enter peace again.

Tammy P, USA

I feel stronger about life in general and it’s like having a secret help in my hands and in my heart, invisible but powerful.

Cinzia T., Switzerland

Better sleep quality. Easy communication with others. Setting boundaries. Self-love. Self-acceptance. Healing old emotional wounds. Self-confidence. Intuition increase. Calmer. Happier. Abundant.

Mireille H, Lebanon

Personal peace and contentment.

Michele L, USA

More connected to my spiritual self.

Anonymous, USA

Lower anxiety levels.

Robert F, USA

I feel more connected to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. I am better able to handle external energies with daily Reiki.

KM, Canada

Trust in the process.

Julie k, USA

Calmer and can better manage anger.

Kimmie, Singapore

Content, relaxed, at ease.

Agi, South Africa

Calmer, more relaxed thoughts. Easy to dissipate stress from my mind. Easier time relaxing before sleeping.

Leslie R, USA

A connection to God. A greater connection to others. A lack of judgement or criticism on how others live.

Melanie E, Canada

I am calm, peaceful, contented, have developed much patience, gained good confidence, and able to help others.

Anandhi S, India

Clear mind, more self-love, and better relaxation.

Sarah G, USA

Peace, calm.


Very subtle changes, but life got much easier since I started practicing Reiki, living more in the flow with things going my way without problems. No more depressions either. I am 52 now and have had depressions almost my whole life, even when I was a child.

Annick K, Norway

Balance in my life, my family, calm, self-confidence, better health status.

Tudor Gianina, Romania

Creativity had been blocked / stopped due to life constraints - a few days after my first session, I felt an urge to draw (after about 20 years).

JP, Ireland

Stress free. Confidence. General health improvement.

Sonia H, UK

I feel at one with the Universe, I feel the Universe hears and responds to me. I feel at peace, without fear.

Marian L, USA

I have moved forward in leaps and bounds spiritually and become vegetarian.

Tracy, UK

Confidence has improved.

Barbara M., USA

Improvement with stress reduction.

Zena B., USA

Greater appreciation of listening to myself and what my gut is telling me.

Anonymous, UK

I become happier.

Dhanashree, India

Anger Management.

Rajeev Kumar S, India

More balanced.


More calm and content and better general wellbeing.

Jason D, Australia

Improvements in high blood pressure, depression, headache/migraines and digestive problems. I have moved from fear and pessimism to peace and positivity.

CB, Australia

I find it easier to be/swing back to my state of equilibrium in stressful situations.

Arundhati J, India

More at peace and relaxed.

Julie D W, UK

Trusting myself. I have more of a sense of peace.

Heather R, USA

A quiet sort of contentment.

Barbara M, Canada

Peace of mind.

Jill P, France

I am more confident and have better self-awareness.

Cecile, UK

Less anxiety, increased self-worth, finding the power within, clarity in acknowledging and seeing through emotions.


Going with flow of life. Trusting things will work out.

Michelle C, Canada

Self-love and more clarity in purpose.


More intuitive, more balanced and more powerful.

Khristine B, USA

Sleep is so much better.

Lorraine G, Canada

My sense of calmness and peace. A better acceptance of challenges.

Cate G, Australia

Life is more peaceful and I am in control. I also heal quickly and cleanly.

MikeT, South Africa

Serenity in the face of adversity.

Anonymous, USA

Positive approach towards any work, doing work with more accuracy and speed. Increase in my meditation time.

Munish G, India

I can sleep better with less or no nightmares.


Improve my self-worth.


Relaxation, opening of my awareness metaphysically.

Sandra D, USA

Anxiety is gone and I can focus better.

Destiny P, USA

Extreme calmness, good social involvement and change in attitude.

Predeep P, India

Pain relief.

Tracy J, USA


Ivo, Australia



I have noticed an overall sense of calm.

Sherri S, Canada

Peaceful, more contented. I felt I’ve found my calling.

Elaine C, USA

I am more compassionate towards others and more forgiving with myself.

Sheanah R, USA

Inspiration, divinity, people being satisfied.

Shirley B, South Africa

IBS is totally manageable. Pain is manageable. Life is more peaceful.

Tina L, USA

More awareness.

Angela, UK

Way more serene and accepting. A feeling of belonging in the world.

Caroline G, Canada

I am able to handle stressful situations more effectively.


Calmer, more patience.

ST, Australia

Connection to self and others.

Carolyn K, Australia

Overall calmness.

Diane, USA

Changed my life completely. More thoughtful, more patient, more forgiving.

Pradyumna C, India

Ability to regain my emotional balance more quickly. More compassion for others.

Victoria S, USA

My overall emotional, physical, and spiritual health has improved.

Neelam S, India

Improvement in overall quality of life.

Yvette QP, USA

Recovery from pain and sickness is quicker.

Alvin T, Australia

I have been giving myself Reiki during this pandemic and it has been helpful. I have more good days than bad.

Linda B, USA

Clarity, healing.


Overall health and sleep quality.

Frederic B, France

Decreased stress. Decreased anger issues. Return of normal liver enzymes.

Karen A, USA

Peace, comfortable with who I am.


Being able to help myself with my health.

Amanda S, UK

I am much happier, I am vegan, I am healthier.


More peace of mind.

Elisabeth A

More at peace.

Sandra B, Netherlands

I've learned surrender, acceptance, and gratitude. Reiki led me on a path of self-discovery and acceptance for which I'll always be grateful.

Michelle R, USA

More self-confidence, self-love. Generally happier.

Suzanne B, Canada

Self-worth improved.

TH, Sweden

More relaxed and at peace.

VB, Australia

Improved spiritual clarity and sense.

Colin G, South Africa

My ability to accept and love all of creation has accelerated. I am so seldom stressed, frustrated or angry that I sometimes marvel at this condition.

Donna S, USA

My entire life has changed, I have fallen into my life purpose. I live in gratitude and joy.

Andrea R, South Africa

PTSD symptoms significantly improved.

Paula, UK

Relaxed Mind. Less Stress. Healthier.

Anonymous, Sultanate of Oman

Great improvement in arthritis pain and discomfort.

John R, USA

Better sleep and being able to release things more easily.

James, UK

My height phobia is gone.

Priyanka G, India

More grounded. More at peace. More assured that things will work out. More flow with life!

Kelly B, USA

At peace with all aspects of being.

Lesley G, USA

More self-love, less self-judgmental, more energy, more happiness.

Van W, Netherlands

At peace with whatever comes my way.

Anonymous, Norway


Gnshea, UK

Less vertigo.

Kristenjl, USA

More confident.


Better outlook on life.

Anonymous, Australia

Inner calmness.

Lisa G, USA

Successfully managed crises.

Inderjit J, India

Calmer and self-love.

Valeria C, Italy

Feeling very empowered.

Brea L., United States

Have a sense of peace and purpose.

Crystal R, USA

My mood has significantly improved. I am much more balanced. My type 1 diabetes has improved by leaps and bounds. I am more motivated and focused on making healthy life-style changes.

Pam C, USA

Improved overall well-being.



Maria B, Romania

Improved sleep and overall wellness.

Valerie M, USA


Cheryl M, USA

I am much calmer. MUCH calmer.

Kat D, USA

I am calmer.

Jojo F, UK

I feel I have a major tool to use, which gives me more confidence and a sense of safety.

Carolej, USA

I am less anxious. I feel I have befriended myself. I trust myself more and know I can help myself with Reiki no matter what life brings me.

Carol W, Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

Physical improvement in my lower extremities.

Richard S, USA

More positivity.

Lisa C, UK

My spiritual journey continues to open up. I am much happier and open to receiving and giving. I am a more loving person these days.

Carol C, USA

Peace, Calmness, Positive Feelings.

Alok K, India

More positive outlook.

Suzi, USA

Greater empathy.

Mary-Jane K, United States

Gratitude peace and more joy.


Happier and energised. Thoughts are positive, self-doubt is acknowledged and healed. Self-awareness at healing issues are much better. Went off medication for depression. Chronic fatigue and body aches gone.


I am no longer suicidal.

Jamie S, Canada

I have been empowered to take my life in the direction that I have always wanted to but didn't do any of this until I became attuned to Reiki.

Sharon P, UK

A deeper connection with myself. Deeper intuitions and overall better health.

Sakuntla K, South Africa

I feel guided in life.

Karin P, Italy

Increased self-confidence and self-love.

Carol D, Canada

I can cure my headaches without painkillers.

Pat B, USA

More self-confident, better trust in life, let go more easily, more shining, less blockages, more peaceful.

Florence D, France

My love, understanding and compassion. My strength and confidence. My connection to “all that is”. My joy.

R Munn, UK

Self-confidence, direction and self-care.

Giuditta M, UK

More patience and calmness.

Bhavani S, India

More peaceful and kindness.

PG, Canada

I have a new connection with spirit which helps me with all areas of my life. I have coping mechanisms for stress which keeps my body out of stress and pain.

Jo G, UK

Overall improvement in quality of life.

Kathleen J., USA

Helps in physical and emotional healing.

Pennie D, Australia

Happiness with being able to help others as well as myself.

Chandra C., USA

My spirituality amped up and I can feel a stronger connection to energy.

Jen B., USA

Pain relief.

Ben, USA

Less stress and anxiety, better digestion and sleep.


More focused and less emotional attachment.

Louise B, Canada

A sense of connection with the universe.


Spirituality. Contentment in helping others.

Mary E, USA

The ability to empower myself and others.

Nicky M, UK

A sense of something greater and desire to connect with this.

Marianne R, USA

A passion for life.

Kris, USA

Awakening. Vibration. A lot has changed and the way I look at life is completely different.

Dee Le, Vietnam

I have noticed less stress, more relaxation and less anxiety.

Emilija P, Serbia

I am more creative. Reiki opens up a new world for self-development, I am more active and more self-confident.

S.G., Poland

More at peace and able to easily help any pains that come up.

Rebecca C., Canada

More peaceful and very forgiving.

Carol L, UK

Less stressed.

Vojislava B., Serbia

Life improvement in all areas.


Calmness, increased intuition, hope.

Kelly S, USA

My mental state and ability to handle life has improved.

Jennifer V, Canada

My life did change 200% me getting to know Reiki was the best that could have happened to me. To be able to teach and treat other peoples is a joy for me and the people.

Frank, Netherlands

Better awareness of feelings, emotions. Better management of negative emotions such as anger.

Esther M, Singapore

I am more creative, have more peace and more energy.

Hanka S, Germany

I feel so much more content and calm.

Ally P, South Africa

Much calmer and open.

Phillip T, USA

Reiki has definitely made me more mellow and sensitive at the same time. I have much more empathy and altruism than before.

Bill D, USA

Inner peace.

Shinder B, Canada

I am in control of my life now, whereas before my emotions and moods controlled me.

Barbara M, USA

I feel more in control of myself.


Peace and Self-Confidence.

Pierre, Canada

I am calmer and feel more focused in life.

Jen W, UK

Better overall state of mind and health.

Beverly M, USA

Overall well-being improved.

DR, Canada

Sense of self connected with universal consciousness.

Michele C, USA

Calm and composed.

Nagesh A, India

Much more in tune with our spiritual connection and universal consciousness.


A sense of inner peace and less worry.

Colleen, Canada

I am more thoughtful and compassionate.

Kriss, USA

Less anxiety.


My life has completely changed and I am a better person for it.

Rev. Dr. Beth B, USA

Reiki has led to all sorts of positive expansion in my life.

Serenity, Canada

More peaceful and connected, massive spiritual growth.

Barbara A, USA

More intuition and spiritual.

Susan, USA

My overall well-being and sense of self has improved.

Desirae F, USA

Feeling more connected and grounded.

Sibylle Z, Canada

Now I express myself.

Maria Stella F, Italy

Feeling of wholeness.

Karen H, USA

I can centre myself more quickly using mindfulness techniques, I no longer struggle with “monkey mind.”

Patt C, USA

Stress reduction, more peace in my house.


More focused, at peace, more accepting. Less anxiety, stress.


I am more centred, confident and at ease.

Marion H, Germany

It has been a journey of self-discovery. I am calm, more at peace and patient.

Rosmarie R, South Africa

Feeling more calm.

Carol, South Africa

I have become a calmer person.

Shirley, UK

Calmer more spiritual.

Jl, UK


Melinda, USA

Believe, positivity, hopeful, feeling younger than my age, happiness.

Shaista Huma, Pakistan

I am now patient and less anxious.

Michelle H, UK

I am much more aligned with the rhythm of the Universe and it has helped me connect to other like-minded individuals.

Coral N., USA

I feel a lot more compassion and love for others and self-love is much better!

Tina, USA

Managing emotions, great sleep, gratitude, sense of belonging by being able to help others.


Less stress.

MMcD, Ireland


Monet T, South Africa

I become more patient to others and listen more.

Jorva, Malaysia

Self-love, grounded and more confident in intuition.

Beverley W, South Africa

My temperament improved.

Christopher W, USA

I am more at peace with myself, certain that my fears are gone, more harmony in my family.

Marinella B, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Overall calmness in myself, I know who I am.

R Collins, South Africa

Improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

Fernanda A, Brazil

Inner peace and connection.

Alexa R, South Africa

Changed my career and my personal wellness.


Balance and an awareness of myself and gentleness with my feelings.

R Ramnath, South Africa

My life is balanced. My emotions are balanced. There is peace in my world.

Tamara S, South Africa

Spirituality has awakened and intuition has increased significantly

Christine P, UK

Instead of being constantly driven by fear, life force is peace and calm.

Maria, Sweden

Increased confidence and calm.

Louise R, Australia


Rosita T, Chile

Feeling calmer, better able to deal with life.


Self-confidence and calm mind.

Santosh M, India

Better quality of life.

Lydia, Netherlands

I am more at peace with myself and the world.

SW, Grenada


SB, Morocco

Increased patience, more periods of joy, increased curiosity.

Niki K, Canada

More kind.

Hetal N, India

Now I am very happy and I have significant changes in mental, emotional and physical health.

Krishna S.A.T., India

More spiritual.

Anil P, India

After having Reiki, my self-esteem and confidence level has improved.

Sangeeta K, India

Better outlook in life.


Positivity, confidence, energetic.

Abdul, Pakistan

Better quality of life.

Aathmika, India

Asthma has improved by 80%.

Sakha, India

Anxiety has gone WAY down. There's pain relief when drugs don’t help, my relationship with food improved.

Ganeesha PJ, Trinidad and Tobago

Positive behaviour, more energetic and self-love.

Gagan, India


PJ, India

Better person. Higher vibrations.

Nora D, Argentina

More spiritual.

Namrata C, India

More patience.

Bifin M, India

Not as easily effected/influenced/ and less responsive to others’ negative energy/emotions.

BC, Taiwan


Kritz, India

I feel more peaceful and calm.

Alex, Singapore

Greater stamina, more agile, not easily stress out.

Anson, Philippines

Mind, body and soul uplifting.

NR shah, India

Dramatic change in my health.

Rakesh K, India

Improved positivity and self-confidence.

Sarada , India


VG, India

Connection to divine energy.

Paul G, USA

Better outlook on life.

Karen V, USA

Focused, less anxiety.

D K, Namibia

Heart palpitation has stabilized. Chest pain has significantly reduced. Calmer and sleep better.

Beatrixe T, Singapore

Severe migraine has almost disappeared.

Jorunn M, Norway

Feeling great all the time. Always happy to help others. Better spiritual life.

Gilles C, Canada

More creativity and resilience.

Ash, India

More energy and peace.

Sondra B, USA

I am more focused and peaceful.

Sabire S, Spain

Improved physical strength.

Pallavi B, Singapore

I am a more centred person.

James GR, UK

More contentment.

Katja S., Germany

Reduced pain.


Anxiety, stress and depression not as hard hitting.

Michael M, USA

A sense of calm and not getting angry with people.

L.J. Thomas, Australia


M.S., Germany

Heightened compassion, empathic qualities and joy.

Karen R, USA

The ability to see different possibilities.

Sage M, Qatar

Abundance and contentment. Finding my life path and constant confirmation of it.

Natasha B, USA

Self-confidence, self-trustworthiness.

Lucia W, Brazil

Life turned positive.

Tine D, Germany

Instant relaxation at my fingertips.


Lovingly peacefulness.


Deeper connection to Life and Reality.

Bob W., USA

Mental and emotional freedom, and peace.

Brian B, USA

I am free from lower back issue of more than 20 years.

Rie K, Singapore

My love for others has increased. I feel more compassionate towards others. Decisions are easier to make.

Sandi R. R., USA

I am so much happier.

Luana R, USA

Self-love, confidence, desire to help others.

Tonya, USA


J Herman, Croatia

Shift in energy, work and romance.

Vanz, South Africa

More considerate in my actions.


Improvement in mental health and emotional well-being.

Sheetal Patel, India

More grounded, more calm.

Tina E., Sweden

Helps the way I handle setbacks in life.

Eiða, Netherlands

I feel calmer and happier overall.

Beth B, Singapore

All aspects of my life are supported.


More energy in daily life.

Gabor, Hungary

Feeling more connected to my inner self.

Anonymous Singapore

A sense of connection with everyone I meet, a certainty that there is a way forward for us all, and access to energy that boosts everything I do.


Acceptance with life challenges. Able to let it go. Able to move on to the next experience.

Arielle Benadi, Israel

More confident and powerful. More energy and clarity.

Ruth K.K., USA

Better balance emotionally and I chose a completely different career that is a much better fit.

Christine M, USA

Greater Peace, Love, Joy and Compassion. It has been and continues to be a higher level and perspective of discovering, understanding, myself and others.


No longer sick. Learned patience. No longer believe that "I know it all better than you do".

Rahel, Israel

I am less worried and concerned about everything around me.

Sonka C., Germany

Health, patience, enjoyment of life, better relationships.


Calmness in difficult situations.

Flossy S, UK

Being more conscious.

Giato J , Germany

More self-confidence; where is the flu I had twice a year? More compassion for others, courage to hold lectures, more trust in general, feeling of being younger than my age.


A lifting of my mood and more positive attitude.


I have become more clear/aware about where I experience energy in myself, others and my life.

Inge H, The Netherlands

Overall physical and mental balance. Less stress, depression and anxiety.

Constadina V, USA

I changed job, met new people, my life situation changed and there is more contentment, harmony and peace.

ME, Germany

Balance in work/self-care.

Sheila, USA


William K, USA

Connection with others, and community. Self-confidence. Intuition.

Kristin B, UK

Peaceful and loving.

B I, Germany

Confidence and calm.

Anne S, USA


Anonymous, Austria

General Wellbeing.

Tod R, USA

Clearer and healthier body and mind and spirit.

Lucia O, UK

Growth in my own personal life.

Peace, USA

Every aspect of my life has improved - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. My health and well-being are so much better. My relationships have improved.

Sarah K, UK

Independence and self-esteem.

Inna U, Israel

Happier, less stress, no back pain, positivity.


More relaxed, less stress and anxiety.

Sandra G, Australia

More confidence, more freedom.

Sabine H., Germany

Calmness, centeredness, trusting that solutions to problems will be revealed.

Dana K, Canada

Confidence, self-love, personal growth. Better decision-making.

Douglas F., USA

Inner peace.

Kathy C, USA

More relaxed, no more migraine, more spiritually connected.

CO, Germany

The biggest improvement has been successfully managing my general anxiety and panic disorders without needing medication anymore. It has been the single most important benefit I’ve witnessed in my life.

Nicholas P., USA

The seeking has ended. Content being who I am and to let life live itself through me as me.

E.M., Canada

I am much happier.

Marina, Israel


RC Morse, UK

Greater sense of awareness and spiritual connections.

Anonymous, UK

More self-love.

Dominik, Germany

Increase in confidence, more at peace with the world.

Bill, UK

Feel very peaceful and contented.

Kuljeet K, Singapore


Melissa L., Finland

Take control of my own life. Creativity.

Arja, Finland

Relaxation, less stress.

LMV, Finland

Calmness in myself and contentment.

Sarah D, UK

Uplifted moods and a sense of calm.

C Beza, USA

Less anger issues.

E F, Singapore

More focused, more spiritually aware.

Beth T, UK

Overall wellness, happiness.

S.B.Swarnkar, India



Calmer and more relaxed.

Karen Mc, UK

I am more relaxed.

JD, France

More authentic.


I am so much happier and my whole life has changed in terms of what has become possible.

Darvinya, Singapore

It has changed my life. I am more confident, I worry less, I am happier than I've ever been. It blows my mind every day. I've become very spiritual.



WL, Singapore

Emotional balance.

Yvonne R, USA

More peaceful and balanced.

Dr Jen, USA

Gratitude and attitude... mindset changed from negative to enlightenment.

Kim G, Australia


Donna, Canada

Being more in tune with my surroundings.

Cheryl L, USA

My life has changed so much and continues.

Hilary, UK

I am making more time for myself to meditate, where I never had a moment before. I am calmer and happier.


Overall quality of life and improved awareness.

JodiAnngel, USA

I have less anxiety / panic and have found more peacefulness and calm in my life.

C Morris, USA

I am happier.

Anonymous, Turkey

More relaxed. Head not as cluttered.

Lisa H, UK

Life is more manageable!


Has improved all aspects of my life.


PTSD and Arthritis have significantly improved.

Will H, USA



Feeling of Connection.

SE, Turkey

Balance in my life.

Mary R

Quicker recovery from physical problem, e.g. frozen shoulder.

Carlyn M, UK

More calm.

NB, Singapore

Helped with depression and anxiety.

PT, Canada

A sense of calm confidence.

L2, UK


TW The, Malaysia

Always feeling elated.

Mahesh S, India

Inner peace.

Carrie H, USA

Has helped me connect with myself on many levels.

Gloria M, UK

Self-confidence and less anxiety.

Amanda A, UK

Being calm and objective all the time.

Sophie C, UK

Confidence improved.

Derek S, UK


Yvonne R, UK

I lost weight. I am who I want to be mentally and physically. I am more energetic and talkative and not afraid of speaking in public.

GV, Turkey

Reduction in anxiety, ability to stay calm, clearer mind.

Jonna L, Singapore

Peace of mind.

Karen, UK

I am really learning to like myself and who I am. I am not nearly as angry as I was, I am more accepting, tolerant and have a lot more patience.


I deal with my grief better.

Willow, UK

Feeling more confident, calmer, more in control of situations, more focused and generally happier with myself.


Feeling of calm and overall contentment with my life.

Elizabeth McD, Scotland

Sleepiness and digestive issues completely gone, more energy and focus, happiness.

Dario P, UK

Happier and more content, feel more able to contribute.

Aileen M, UK

More meaning in my life.

Diane P, UK

Calmness, peace.

Marion C, UK

I am more accepting of ‘what will be’ and living more in the moment.


I handle sadness and grief a lot better and have a generally more positive outlook. I see the good in people and situations.


I am calm free and happy.

Sharon Whiteley, UK

Ability to choose how I respond to situations.


More centred.

Anonymous, USA

A sense of peace and connection to the world.

LR, Australia

Changed my outlook on life and my view of myself.

Cath S, UK

Feel peaceful, no stress and much happier.

Joanne Q, USA

My mental health is easier to manage.

Sarah H, UK

More understanding of myself, emotions, feelings etc. I feel more peaceful and am able to give Reiki to myself when I feel out of balance.

Ali M, UK

Peace of mind, hopefulness, less hip pain.

A B, Germany

Feeling happier.


More peaceful, happier.

Shirley F, UK

I have become more spiritual.

Sally G, UK

I am calmer and more understanding.

Doreen W, Canada

I have found something that rings true in my soul.

Kim P, Canada

Personal growth, personal peace, stability of mind and mood.

Anonymous, Canada


Shashi, Singapore

Worrying less, energy has improved even though sleep has decreased.


Better wellbeing.

Joan, UK

I am a lot calmer. More assertive and self-confidence has improved.

Mel H, UK

Positivity, increased self-worth and self-love.

Ayesha K, India

Finding myself more in the now.

B G, Austria

My mind is calmer. My thinking is more organized.

Muniqui M, Japan

I feel more confident and peaceful. I feel like I have taken my power back. My responses to situations are now no longer reactive and overly emotional. I don't feel dramatic and I avoid conflict situations. My anxiety is massively lower. I live more mindfully and I am present in my life now.

Nic, UK

More peaceful and settled.

Anonymous, UK

Improved my self-confidence and help me to feel comfortable with who I am. Helped me to work through my grief.


Acceptance of self and others. Ability to let go of frustration/anger faster.

Cherry R, Australia

Living peacefully in the present, connected.

Jeanie H, Netherlands

More balance in life.

EN, Romania

Improve confidence.

Vani M, India

My general state of mind is calmer, my thinking is more open and I am more able to cope with life’s challenges.


Anxiety has decreased.

Ronim, Australia

The change in me as a person in all aspects of my life. I am completely different! Calmer and more tolerant.

Sharon C, UK

I feel more optimistic and positive.

Karen O, Malaysia

Balance to every part of my life.

Lyn D, Canada

Less anxiety, more positive outlook and more patience and understanding.

Kim, USA

Increased satisfaction with life, increased connection to Spirit, increased passion for learning, increased feeling of peace and joy.

Julie S, USA

Feeling more aware and attuned to nature and my higher self.

Kelly S, USA

Calmer, more peaceful.

Julie F, USA

More balanced and at peace.


Calm and more centred.

Fran B, UK

Greater tolerance and compassion towards others.

Terri N, Canada

Made me a lot better, stronger, more determined, kinder person.

Carol F, England

I am more tolerant and accepting and trust that things will work out for the best.


Stress and grief management. A knowing that I can help myself and others in such a positive way - Reiki never lets me down.

Kathy B, UK

Acceptance of what life throws at you.

Yvonne, New Zealand

Clarity of mind.

Anonymous, UK

My skin and emotional wellbeing improved.

Lucie P, UK

More peaceful and less stressed.

Dany, UK

I find that since having Reiki my levels of fatigue have decreased.


Less pain, better emotional healing.


A sense of calm, optimism, contentment.

RB, New Zealand

It started a holistic journey of healing.

Cindy H, USA

Consciousness, Love and Light.

AC, Lebanon

Mental health improvements.

Craig F, USA

Mentally relaxed and stress free.


General wellbeing.


It has changed my outlook on life. I am a calmer person. It helped me through the years.


Makes me feel calmer and more centred.

Ali, Northern Ireland


Diane F, South Africa

Better mental wellbeing when Reiki is regular .

Anonymous, UK

Confidence and peacefulness increased.

Chandrasekaran, India

I am in control of me.


More able to cope with life and the everyday stress. Anxiety is easier to manage.

Elaine B, UK

Self-growth, awareness and acceptance.

Toni V, UK

Happier and more confident.

Karen F, UK

More patient, more relaxed, and less stress.

Kate A, UK

Lightness. Grounding. Awareness. Appreciation and gratitude.


I feel more positive, peaceful, happy, optimistic and having a better energy level.

Beenageo, UAE

Changed my career and living a very different but much happier life.

Lorna L, UK


Jane F, UK

Staying active and relaxed, especially in our current times with Corona. My mind is focused.

Pat S, USA

Feeling more complete as a person.

Chris V, UK

It has improved my life immensely. Less stress, so happy and grateful for each and every day.



Barb G, Canada

More intuitive. Less pain. More peaceful and positive.

Deb H, USA

Being able to feel and harness energy.

Laura D, USA

Calmer, less worried about things.


More grounded and stable.

Iris S, Hong Kong

More peaceful and contented.

Joan W, UK

More sensitive to others.

Diane DP, USA

I use Reiki to calm myself when I am having anxiety attacks. It helps.

Becky, USA

Capability to trust, confidence.

Mischa V, Switzerland

More peaceful.

Janie H, UK

Reduced migraines. Greater feeling of connection to the natural world.


Peace of mind.

Teresa N, UK

The feeling of peace and well-being is amazing. I have noticed a significant difference in all areas of my life.

Jeanette R, UK

I feel more in touch with my former self. Content and at peace with myself.

Elaine Ruth, UK

Complete life change for better. Work, residence and friends. This also rippled out to my adult children, their life improved because mine did.


At peace and am happy.

Anne M, UK

More understanding of people’s needs.


Overall well-being.

B Hillewaert, UK

I lived with anxiety issues for many years before Reiki found me. I am now much calmer and am able to do many things I previously couldn't or struggled to do.

Annie R, UK

More empathy and sensitivity.


An overall wellness and calming.

Jackie B, UK


Jane McC, UK

More faith.

IS, Austria

More reflective.

Martine M, UK

I feel more tranquil and contented and passionate about animal care.


I am able to accept changes better.

Linda W, UK

Calmer, less overthinking, contented.

Laura, UK

Calmer which helps with stress.

Laetitia L.J, UK

More at peace with myself and content in the moment. Less prone to stress and anxiety. Better able to cope with chronic pain.

Andrea R, UK

Deeper sense of calm in any situation.


Emotional and physical improvement .

Brenda L B, USA

Overall well-being, but general improvements in health, with kidney function and migraine frequency being the most significant.

Rev Ashley Anderson, USA

Kinder and more compassionate to everything.

Gill S, UK

Better insights.

Lies, Belgium

Overall well-being improved.

T.W, Singapore

Increase in peace and centeredness.

Stephen S., USA

It has helped me in remaining calm and has also improved my mood significantly. It has also helped me cope in tough situations, both mentally and emotionally. It has also given me energy when I need it.

ML, Singapore

I have inner peace, do not respond with frustration and anger, I judge less, I am more open-hearted.

Julie B, Canada

Since being introduced to Reiki, my life has changed 180 degrees. Learning to be truly happy in the skin I am in, that is very liberating.

LW, Canada

Sleep quality improved drastically, have become calmer and happier and peaceful.


Feeling like I have reconnected with my true self.


It makes the day more focused. There is a readiness, presence.

SM, India

Better sleep.

MMA, Singapore

Letting go of anger.

Karen K, Singapore


Sylvie V, Canada

More ease, balance, calmness.

TS, Belgium

Engaging less with monkey chatter in the mind, being more empathetic, viewing childhood trauma with fresh eyes, less anxiety.

MY, Singapore

Overall well-being has improved, ability to manage stresses enhanced.

Amelia L, Singapore

My overall energy level has increased, I used to feel very tired easily, but it has improved a lot.

Mabel, Singapore

Overall health improvements, career significantly change for better, personal relationships improved.

Joyce D, USA

I feel more moments of happiness, I feel a great love for nature and life in general.

PC, Italy

A sense of belonging (to a community that I was seeking without knowing what I was looking for.)

Rebecca R, USA

Increased compassion for self, lowered anxiety, gratefulness.

Anonymous, Australia

Overall improved feeling of being connected to self and others. Feeling of inner peace and acceptance.

Karen T, Singapore

Aside from the physical changes, my mental outlook in life and my ability to tune into my body and self has improved significantly.

NB, Singapore

Panic attacks stopped, acceptance and trust in being where I need to be, a career where I can help others.

Miki Massey, Indonesia

Able to achieve inner peace and sleep well.

Lim, Malaysia

Being more aware.

SKJ, Singapore

More peace. Other changes in self-worth, self-love, etc were because of therapy.

AM, Singapore


Joni, USA

More energy, calmer, more inner balance.

A, Singapore

My anger and frustration are easier to deal with. Things don't trigger me as easily or as strongly.

Joy B, Canada

Flowing through life with ease, happy.

Annemarie H

Self-awareness and confidence.

Sarah D, New Zealand

I am happier and less stressed and anxious.


More balance.

Anne, UK

More connected to myself. Less worry, stress, and anxiety.

Kim G, USA


Anne-Marie, UK

Calm in dealing with kids. Less overwhelming overall.

Tavleen K, Singapore

An increased awareness of my spirituality.

Nils N, Denmark


Laj, USA

Increased well-being

N.P., Austria


Kim, Singapore

Better health and sound sleep. Less anger issues.

Swati S, Singapore

My life journey seems smoother.

Jan T., Singapore

Peace and balance.

Anonymous, Singapore

Self-love and contentment.

Helene S, UAE


Natalia S, Singapore

My anxiety has gone down and I have good night sleeps.

Ernest Yeo, Singapore

Connecting with my inner flow, intuition, awareness, self-growth.

Jessica W, Vietnam


Steve, Australia

A sense of rootedness and clarity.

Pallavi, Singapore

A deeper sense of balance and knowing, trusting the process and unfolding completely, even when the outside world seems chaotic.

MK, India